Xloudia Beacon lets you call your Client by her First Name

Xloudia Beacon lets you call your Client by her First Name

LM3LABS' team is excited to announce the launch of Xloudia Beacon, a new technology module within the Xloudia family. Xloudia Beacon simplifies the management of iBeacon emitters in Retail, Museums and during Events. Thanks to the cloud, iBeacon emitters can be provisioned, managed, associated to specific actions, distantly and in real time. More importantly, Xloudia Beacon links [...]

Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

Over the last 7 years, LM3LABS has built a complete set of technologies and products all based on computer vision. They are software and electronics products as it is difficult to create high-quality CV products on software only. We recently mapped those technologies for a better understanding of what product does what. If all of [...]

Catchyoo + Balloons = interactive balloons

LM3LABS unveil a new interactive solution based on Balloons from partner MGlobalJapan. Relying on Catchyoo Reloaded proven technology, the interactive balloon solution allows close to 360 interaction with content. The solution is available for rent or sales in Japan and Asia. A future version is in preparation based on soon-to-be-launched 3DFeel product. Here are more [...]

Touchless interactivity is the next frontier

Despite the buzz about multi-touch, this technology evolution is not a challenge and it should have grown earlier if legacy OS editors, as well as input device manufacturers, had got more vision. Now, we cannot really blame them, multi-touch makes sense with multi-media content only. And we are just at the dawn of the multi-media [...]