Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

[dt_gap height="10" /] Last year we launched the first visual currency converter on smartphone. It can recognise a b[dt_gap height="10" /]ank note from thousands in circulation around the world and display its current value in your home currency. This year we launch ConverterXpress, a focused version limited to 12 important currencies for travellers: Euro, US, [...]

Xloudia Converter App

We have launched an App based on Xloudia in order to illustrate one (among hundreds) possible application of the Xloudia technology in mobile apps. Xloudia Converter recognises 2000 banknotes and gives its value in your home currency in about 200 milliseconds. We selected 11 home currencies + the new Bitcoin digital currency. You can then [...]

Bonpoint Japan equip with AR

12 iMac 27" installed with an AR application has been deployed to 12 shops of French kid apparel brand BonPoint throughout Japan. Kids can discover contemporary artist Jean-Michel Othoniel's work in those shops. A deployment in collaboration with La Boite.    

AR for Contemporary Art

LM3LABS initiated a collaboration with Jean-Michel Othoniel, one of France's most prominent contemporary artist. The first collaboration started with Augmented Reality at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. An "AR room" lets people, mostly kids, discover 12 major works from the artist which would be difficult to bring in the location. Kids can [...]

The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

We open a new site to present interactive solutions for Museums. This site focuses on Computer Vision technologies: Gesture Tracking, Face Recognition, Passive and Active Interactivity, Augmented Reality,... Touchless, computer vision-based technologies are well fit to museums as they are mass-proof, invisible and require no learning. A reference site for curators of the 21st century [...]