Reinvigorating Fukushima with Catchyoo

Reinvigorating Fukushima with Catchyoo

4 years ago, at 14:46 we were in a meeting in our Tokyo office with our friends from IDEO. On the moment, we could not really grasp what was happening 250 kilometres away North in the Tohoku region. While considering the situation from the street, where most of the people gathered as a security measure, [...]

Catchyoo 1.7 is shipping

  Catchyoo v1.7 is shipping from today. Beyond its fresh new design, it comes with an improved engine leveraging multithread CPU capabilities, new FX, super easy local access to the machine from a PC, Linux or OSX machine (or tablet) and it embeds TeamViewer Professional for easy maintenance from all over the world. It still [...]

The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

We open a new site to present interactive solutions for Museums. This site focuses on Computer Vision technologies: Gesture Tracking, Face Recognition, Passive and Active Interactivity, Augmented Reality,... Touchless, computer vision-based technologies are well fit to museums as they are mass-proof, invisible and require no learning. A reference site for curators of the 21st century [...]

Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

Over the last 7 years, LM3LABS has built a complete set of technologies and products all based on computer vision. They are software and electronics products as it is difficult to create high-quality CV products on software only. We recently mapped those technologies for a better understanding of what product does what. If all of [...]