Learning Languages in Color and Multi-touch

LM3LABS delivered to Tokyo-based Sophia University, a multi-touch application for learning languages on interactive tables and other multitouch devices. The application relies on the "reading by color" methodology developed by Dr Caleb Gattegno and used at Sophia University "on paper" for many years. Dr Gattegno's is an approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing using [...]

Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

Over the last 7 years, LM3LABS has built a complete set of technologies and products all based on computer vision. They are software and electronics products as it is difficult to create high-quality CV products on software only. We recently mapped those technologies for a better understanding of what product does what. If all of [...]

French museum Le Louvre and Japanese DNP inaugurate today their 5th presentation at DNP Museum Lab in Tokyo. DNP Museum Lab displays next-generation technologies applied to museums. LM3LABS who are very active in the museum industry once again provided the interactivity. Intallations are briefly explained on the Multimedia Display page. The exhibition is opened to [...]

Catchyoo iTable at Teikoku Data Bank

Catchyoo iTable has been deployed by Teikoku Data Bank who presents a very interesting exhibition about the longer lasting Japanese companies. Japan is the country with the more numerous century+ companies in the world. There are 20.000 century old companies in Japan, 2.000 of them were created before the Meiji Era (starting 1868). The oldest [...]