Catchyoo 1.7 is shipping

  Catchyoo v1.7 is shipping from today. Beyond its fresh new design, it comes with an improved engine leveraging multithread CPU capabilities, new FX, super easy local access to the machine from a PC, Linux or OSX machine (or tablet) and it embeds TeamViewer Professional for easy maintenance from all over the world. It still [...]

Catchyoo in World Expo 2010 Shanghai promotion

On December 17th, Catchyoo started serving the promotion of the World Expo 2010 which will happen in Shanghai, China. A first Catchyoo Graffiti was deployed in the 300-square-meter hall in Tokyo. World Expo 2010 will gather most countries from May1st to October 31st, 2010. Shanghai expo's theme is Better City, Better Life. The Chinese version [...]

It tastes different

There are jobs which have more taste than others and it is because people we work with are great, shiny and fun. That was definitely the case last Friday for Valrhona's party, "Les Cabosses". Some happy fews invited to taste delicious pasteries made from Valrhona materials and play with our interactive toys.