Interactive Pearl Portraits for Tasaki Pearls

Interactive Pearl Portraits for Tasaki Pearls

[dt_gap height="10" /] For the 60th Anniversary of the famous pearl brand Tasaki, LM3LABS has developed a unique interactive system which amazed 600 guests at the opening ceremony and will continue at Tasaki's Gallery in Ginza for a month. The i-Portrait system brings together multiple LM3LABS technologies into a single integrated system. Catchyoo FaceTracker tracks [...]

Happy New Year !

LM3LABS' team wish you a great augmented year 2010 ! We would like to thank our customers and our partners for the past collaboration in 2009 and we are delighted to start this new decade with them. The new coming decade will bring incredible new experiences, technologies, development in the realm of interactivity. As a [...]

Catchyoo Face Tracker unveiled

LM3 LABS unveil patented Catchyoo Face Tracker, an innovative digital signage solution for shop window interactivity. Catchyoo Face Tracker tracks faces of passing people for creating eye-catching interactivity with digital content. Faces become pointers which trigger events and follow people. Catchyoo FT's patented technology  is robust to urban environments like busy sidewalks, changing light conditions, [...]