Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

Dear Friends, We are pleased to unveil our New York office which started operations last week. This new office in the US will help us to get closer to key players in our domain and better serve our customers. In 2016, 60% of LM3LABS leads are originated from the US. LM3LABS Inc. USA’s mission is [...]

LM3LABS Singapore opens for Business

LM3LABS' team is excited to unveil LM3LABS Private Limited in Singapore. Business-friendly and innovation-hungry Singapore, like surrounding countries, have been a key market to LM3LABS since 2006. The City-State is a central cross-road in Asia and Middle-East. LM3LABS Singapore has three core missions: 1- LM3LABS Pte Ltd will support the growing demand in interactive products [...]

LM3LABS management announces the creation of LM3LABS Corporation

LM3LABS is proud to announce today the creation of LM3LABS Corporation (LM3LABS株式会社) incorporated in Japan and which will own 100% of French LM3LABS S.a.r.l., LM3 LLC Japan and LM3 LLC USA. The new company comes with a new strategy focused on better serving customers with more direct services in a complete value-added chain. In parallel, [...]

Interactive Augmented Kiosk

When touchless interactivity of ubiq'window meets augmented reality it makes next gen kiosk. ubiq'window brings interactivity to the full width of the kiosk: take a brochure and it will trigger the right augmented reality application. Printed materials, stickers and shapes are invisible interactive zones triggering other contents. The plasma screen is fully interactive as covered [...]