Subaru deploys 3DFeel at Moscow Motorshow

Subaru Russia came to LM3LABS for a unique campaign during Moscow MotorShow. LM3LABS proposed, developed and installed an integrated system aimed at involving Russian visitors with the Japanese brand. Two 3DFeel systems track visitors body, add intentionally simple augmented reality content and take pictures when they strike the pause. With a very intuitive hand gesture, [...]

Interactive Books for Perrier-Jouet Champagne

    For its bicentenary celebration, Perrier-Jouet, the famous French champagne brand, tapped LM3LABS for two interactive and touchless books similar to what was done for Dior in Singapore. The books used AirStrike to track hands and gestures in mid-air and let users turn pages or click on elements on pages. The books presented Perrier-Jouet [...]

Philip Morris’ Augmented Reality Campaign

Philip Morris Japan currently run a promotion campaign using Augmented Reality. 12 couples of ladies equipped with tablet PCs wander in streets and meet with smokers to present a new Philip Morris product using Augmented Reality. The augmented reality content is triggered by "markerless" images (there is no big black and white markers but normal [...]