Youtube_1 People spontaneously advertise Catchyoo on YouTube. That’s cool…

Already 3 movies from the Singapore Cathay Cineleisure have been posted on YouTube.
Not Hollywood-grade of course, but it illustrates the interest from public to share about their experience of Catchyoo. The same way people share on YouTube, they talk to friends and increase the place frequentation. Movie1, Movie2, Movie3Movie4Movie5

This installation in Singapore has been unveiled on last August. It is located on one of the best location in Singapore (Orchard Road) in a Cinema multiplex, owned by Cathay Cineleisure and which drains most of the Singaporean youth. This building also hosts prestigious shops like the Apple Store.

This Catchyoo is managed from LM3 in Tokyo thanks to Catchyoo Media Channel which allows easy management of multiple remote Catchyoo systems from the same desk.

The advertizing space can be rent from Belinda. A unique opportunity to raise your brand awareness right in the center of Singapore and to a very targeted segment of consumers.

A few month ago, we had a fan who advertised for Catchyoo using our movies. Ranking is great.