Catchyoo v1.8 is launched today. This version comes in Japanese and

The localization in Japanese is an
important step to provide Catchyoo partners with a tool which can be used by
multiple staff who do not necesseraly know English. It also answers a strong
demand from customers to manage their own systems without LM3 or partner’s
assistance.  And this what Catchyoo is all about: Giving  back to tool to  customers!


The Japanese version also
significantly lower the learning costs as all manuals and support documentations
are now in Japanese.

Catchyoo v1.8 includes the new "tap
the mole FX", the support of Quicktime movies for new FX, a streamlined engine
for even faster use.


Other localized versions will follow
shortly to better address the needs of local partners in their daily activities
(Chinese, Russian, Korean…).