Manado_1 When installing a 13 kg device over the head of people and kids it is critical to make maximum security. Catchyoo is the ONLY solution of its category which has been designed to stand earthquakes.

Because it is designed and manufactured in Japan, the country with the highest level of high grade earthquakes, quakes and security have been treated with maximum care from the first drawing.
Point Break Indonesia, a surfwear chain, recently extended their network of Catchyoo system to different places in Indonesia. One system was installed in Manado which experienced a 6.7 earthquake today.
While many buildings suffered from the tremor, Catchyoo continued to work and the Safen’Secure (TM) fixing system played perfectly its role.
Safen’Secure (TM) is a patent pending design which grants security to installer as well as to kids who plays under Catchyoo.
Customer says "Hello, we are safe!"… feeeww  🙂