In collaboration with Dentsutec, a division of advertising giant Dentsu, Catchyoo was at work this week end for Philip Morris‘ Lark cigarettes in busy Shibuya, Tokyo.

Catchyoo was at the center place of the brand renewal, mesmerizing their VIP guests and press, promoting the Lark brand as an ever leading brand.

Catchyoo’s installation was customized to the limited place to provide the maximum impact with minimum installation. Low ceiling, furnitures,…it was a challenge.

Despite this promotion event was private, Catchyoo interactive space was "subtitled" with legal warnings about the effects of Tobacco. Different effects than Catchyoo’s FX here…

Interactive advertising in such events brings significant value as a brand enhancer, and its impact on guests is immediate. It always the same magic effect.

Happy customers, happy guests. Completed mission!