Without going too far back on what LM3LABS has done in the last 3 years, it is important to present Catchyoo’s applications. Here is the Catchyoo table installed in the showroom in Omotesando/Aoyama (always in Tokyo).

The prospect (at that time), then customer was cosmetics giant Kanebo.
There is an other movie posted on YouTube by mysterious Chio (there’s music on it!).
Catchyoo table is applicable to any table. And to anticipate your question: yes on rear and front projection.
Feeling from using this kind of interactivity is very different from the ground interactivity (soon a movie of it).  Applications ? This is obviously not a product for collaborative work (does someone need such collaborative table when using PC are so easy?). No, Catchyoo interactive table is for interactive advertisement on club/bar tables, because this is finally where the money is.