This is a very good example of Offline advertising meeting Online advertising to improve brand awareness.

On last September 1st, Chanel launched a new web site with a buzz strategy relying on events in 5 world capitals (Paris, London, Hong-Kong, Tokyo and New York) and a blog buzz campaign.

In each city Chanel Boutique’ show windows were brougt interactive with Catchyoo Graffiti. At the same time ambulant video-projection was made in the cities, displaying messages about the brand.

In Ginza


In Hong Kong and Paris


Offline advertising has little reach when treated separately. Online advertising’s power is not so strong for brand who are not targeting “geeks”. The right alchemy is to mix both.

You can participate to the Buzz too by embedding this Chanel banner on your blog or web site:

Here is the page to get the HTML code. And once again, visit Chanel’s Mademoiselle Forever site for more images: