Here is a movie of the Catchyoo installation made at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo Japan in June. Installation for Casio in collaboration with advertising giant Dentsu and Generation Create.

The installation was made of 2 Catchyoo in cluster with seamless junction between them. The FX propagated from one screen to the other. It created a final 7x3m single screen on the floor.

The installation is quite peculiar as the ceiling was at 20 meters from ground. The 2 Catchyoo systems were hanging on 14 meters cable, so at 6 meters from  ground.

It has been a very big success with up to 500 people per hour tracked by Catchyoo’s statistic module.

Content was made based on Casio’s brief but leveraging Catchyoo’s FX library which allow fast and easy customization.

Omotesando Hills is the trendiest place in Tokyo these days and the landmark of Omotesando district. Inaugurated in Feb 2006 it was designed by famous architect Tadao Ando.

The slope of corridors is exactly the steep of the street ouside.

The building belongs to Mori Buildings who also owns an other major Tokyo landmak the Mori Tower at Ropponggi Hills.

Just watch people’s attitude. Catchyoo is a media which attracts people and grabs their attention. It has record attention rate.

Catchyoo’s project page is HERE. The movie is better on the project page.