BBC publishes an article about the future of advertising : "Technology lets ads get personal". (VIDEO)

  • The article starts with the need to be "Ubiquitous", a concept that we grow since 2003 with Ubiq’window.
  • fine-tuning of message depending on the time of the day (our note: Catchyoo scheduling and we would had ‘depending on location’ with Catchyoo Media Channel).
  • Comment from UK-based Porterscope’s Jame Davies:"We do know that if consumers interact and actually
    get involved with advertising campaigns they are much more likely to
    remember what they’ve come across.
    A lot of that is due to the psychology of advertising,
    and the fact that by getting people interacting it actually sparks an
    emotional response in the brain as opposed to a purely intellectual
    (our note: this is the founding idea below Catchyoo).
  • An other Tim Philips states:"interactive advertising, where we make an effort to
    actually receive the information, is great because at least it means we
    are interested. It has to be the future of advertising.
    " (our note: sure, but  we must make the difference between active  interactivity (Ubiq’window ) and passive interactivity (Catchyoo) both are complementary).
  • Finally the journalist concludes on the need to catch people and get the message across. This is what we work at with the statistic module that can provide advertisers real usage figures and to fine-tune their actions at the minute level.

All this confirms that dynamic signage has already moved to interactive signage and we are at the heart of it.