Bridging e-commerce to real life retail is LM3LABS’ mission for a few years now.

The two worlds have difficulties to talk each other.
On one side, tons of great digital content on servers, on the other side, shops where decisions are made, where products are purchased (whatever the e-commerce gurus may tell and write you still buy in shops).

Touchless interactivity can bridge the 2 worlds to enhance the customer experience while shopping.

In the above example the user point in the air at the apparel and receive:
– contextual information (promotion movie),
– complementary information (available colors),
– price information and enter into a payment cycle thanks to touchless payment technology Felica (in Japan only today).

Such integration lets customer complete the purchase cycle at any time
of the day and take purchase decisions on the point of sales.

Of course, it comes with all the back office tools for advanced marketing:
– usage statistics
– scheduling of content
– broadcasting of content
– mobile site integration for continued experience on mobile phone while away from the shop.

This "augmented" shopping experience can be applied to any kind of product: apparels, cars, IT, luxury goods…
Free-air interaction technology is the only solution for successful integrations between holographic images and real objects as users must have some distance from both to make the association in their eyes and mind. This is where AirStrike brings a unique value.

This is not future technology, despite it will take time to reach the shop at your block’s corner. It is available now for real life deployments to next-gen customers. Those will probably focus on differentiation and uniqueness as criteria for their decision, before they mature the ir understanding of what is "augmented shopping experience" for them and their customers.