From November 8 to January 4, 2015, LM3LABS exhibited a unique art event in collaboration with Norwegian cybercouture artist Pia Myrvold. The exhibition was visited by 8,000 people.

Centre George Pompidou in Paris is one of the most famous modern art museums in the world.

The exhibition focuses on education of teenagers to modern art and interactions.

Visitors can create their own 3D avatar by tweaking effect shaders on Android tablets. They, then, send their creation to large projected walls where they can use their body to “enter” into their own artwork.

On a first station their avatar moves with their body and change shapes as they enter invisible specific zones on Pia’s carpets. The tracking is done thanks by 3DFeel.

On a second L-shaped projected wall, visitors can alter sound shaders to create their own sound composition. 3DFeel tracks arms positions, trunk angle, head and rotation of bodies. The experience is extremely immersive.



Finally, after multiple creative iterations, visitors can keep their art on their smartphone by using the specially designed Xloudia’s mobile application which runs on both iPhone and Android. Artworks are presented in 3D as augmented reality objects. Teenagers can bring their art outside the 4 walls of the museum, share with friends on social networks.

LM3LABS has a growing experience in collaborating with artists by integrating interactive technologies to their art work. We collaborated with Jean-Michel Othoniel in Tokyo, Macau and New York, or with Nicolas Buffe.




For this project, LM3LABS went a step further by designing the total experience of the event around interactivity and by proving (and testing!) “art exhibition remote deployment”, a series of methods and technologies developed by the lab. Indeed, as a demonstration of what will be the future of art exhibition, the entire expo was installed remotely from Tokyo by shipping equipment to location, coordinating and training Centre Pompidou’s technical staff, installing and maintaining software during the entire event duration.

It was a challenge. It made some people very very anxious but it was an extremely rich experience encompassing a large scope of expertise like project, people management and best-of-breed visualization technologies.

Modern art can be “distributed” and off-the-wall and LM3LABS proved it.

LM3LABS is currently working on new collaborations with artists.

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