Far from being some nice FX on the floor, Catchyoo has a very serious and mature strategy on the advertising market.

To match an established understanding of the advertisement market, Catchyoo positions on the "alternative Out-of-home media" and "interactive marketing" segments, which are part of the "alternative media strategies" market.
But what is an alternative medium?
It becomes more and more difficult to reach some specific audiences with legacy media that are TV, radio, newspaper, signage. Youth, in particular, becomes very difficult to catch with traditional "legacy" media. For a few years now there is an erosion in the traditional ad spending and this erosion has significantly accelerated in 2005.
In 2006, smart marketing budgets shift to alternative media that are (among others) online video advertising, podcasts, webisodes, and alternative out-of-home advertising that Catchyoo aims at leading.
Alternative media offer a better reach to targeted audience, they deliver stronger ROI metrics and are much more engaging to customers. A Catchyoo user spend an average 4 mn on the system which is exceptional in the advertising industry (See Here).
A survey from US analyst PQMedia (June 2006) takes a closer look at our booming market segment.
According to PQMedia, spending to alternative media rose about 16.5% on the first half of 2006 and it is planned to accelerate during the summer. Analysts forecast a US$116 Bio market in 2006, followed by a US$135 Bio in 2007. These are US figures only. By experience, we know that US, Europe and Asia are about 30% each of the advertising market.
Interactive marketing, to which Catchyoo belongs, is forecast to experience the fastest growth in 2006 (CAGR 23.4%).
Catchyoo positions as the most advanced solution on its segment thanks to features like statistics that deliver actionable usage data, scheduling and networking modules which significantly decrease the cost of operation of the systems allowing large scale, international deployments. Catchyoo user-friendly FX library let advertisers create new campaigns at web speed.
LM3LABS positions on alternative advertisement from their early days. Our customers understood very quickly the value of Ubiq’window as an alternative media. In January this year, Toyota launched an "edutainment" center in Bangkok named "The Style by Toyota" and targeting the Thai youth by positioning at the center point of trends and fashion in the country. This is the perfect example of a successful alternative media strategy. Toyota’s edutainment center is equipped with 8 Ubiq’window.
Catchyoo’s partners are currently building the largest international floor media network to support brand’s alternative strategy helping them to better value their ad spending.

Analysts warn: the future of advertisement is alternative advertising !