Digital signage, and street interactivity, is the next big thing. Ok we write it for some time now. Now, here are some figures to support our vision of this market.

iSuppli, an analyst company in this domain, forecast a $14Bio market in 2011, with an anual growth close to 10% (CAGR).

This encompasses Flat panels, PDP, LEDs, Pojection. All those screens and displays which can be brought to interactivity with Ubiq’window and Catchyoo.

iSuppli mentions Shanghai, Beijing, Bangalore and Mumbai as key cities in Asia, Cities where LM3LABS has presence today.

At LM3 we think that if Dynamic Signage is the deep wave, the interactive signage is the segment which will generate morre margin and faster revenue because of the more obvious KPI provided by interactivity.

Other key factors pushed by LM3LABS: instant creation of content and unlimited distribution of it with zero-networking. (Guys, available today!).

Wanna crunch more figures? It is here.