UbiqnttsmallI think it is the right time to introduce Ubiq’window in the picture. Ubiq’window is a technology that brings interactivity to flat surfaces like glass window as well as distant screens, whatever their size, whatever their technologies (projection, LED, plasma, fog screen, water,…).

Ubiq’window’s technology is computer vision. It means there is no sensitive stuff, no sensors, no infra-red scanner and other old tech stuff.
2 stereo camera track very accurately the position of user’s finger in space and associate it to actions.

Ubiq’window is not new on the market as we launched it in 2003 in Japan. It has been used by largest Japanese companies like NTT DoCoMo (LM3LABS’ historical customer), DNP, NEC, Olympus, or more recently by Panasonic. It is today a mature product that can be deployed in many contexts.

Because it is only computer vision it fits regular shop windows without any complex installation. It stands sun or rain.

There are a lot of crap solutions on the market. As far as I know Ubiq’window is the only serious product to be adopted by so many large companies.

it can be used for large screen interactivity like in the attached picture (a larger one is posted in the photo album). This was done for NTT Intercommunication Center in Tokyo (the temple of Art+Technology) or more commercially for real estate giant Mitsui Fudosan in Chiba (I’ll post a movie soon).

Applications have been incredibly various. It has been used with feet, on fog screens, in the street (Brisbane information center), in executive showrooms.

Ubiq’window positions as an open platform that content creators can use with Flash, Director or simply an html web site.

So Ubiq’window is very complementary to Catchyoo and customers often associate the 2 technologies to immerse their customers in a real interactive experience. We will keep you posted on interesting installation of Ubiq’window.

Ubiq’window’s web site is here.