As many Europeans are heading South for well deserved vacations, it is a high risk period for the fragile Mediterranean forests.

L’Institut pour la Foret Mediterraneenne (Institute for the Mediteranean Forest), a regional education center based in Gardanne, close to Marseille, in France, recently equipped with AirStrike.

Visitors can navigate a map of Southern France and Corsica, select a district, discover local treasures like rare species of trees or animals. They can also watch impressive pictures of forest fire damages.

The education center is visited by thousands of kids every week. They instantly and naturally interact with the distant content, simply by pointing in the air. It illustrates how AirStrike is well fitted to public venues like museums, education centers etc…

If Gardanne is on your way to holidays, please pay a visit to Institut de la Foret Mediterraneenne. You will learn tons of things about the Mediterranean forest, its protection and forest fires prevention.