Catchyoo Magic Book

Catchyoo FX library is enhanced with a new FX: SWITCH

This FX lets Catchyoo partners create interactive scenarii for their customers thanks to the creation of interactive buttons.

The example below shows SWITCH in action:

At the beginning, a mouse proposes 2 choices to the user. It opens the book which displays a movie trailer, there is no button anymore, then the pages turns and a dragon appears. The dragon is associated to a button. When the users crush the dragon, they actually press the button to go further in the scenario.
The dragon springs then disapears. Then the page is under attack by an army of bugs. Shrek ask to hit The bugs. The button is on the bugs. Then the book is saved, Princess Fiona greats the user and the scenario to back to the beginning.

Simpler or more complex can be created with SWITCH.

Catchyoo comes with an FX library which can be easily isedby Catchyoo partners and customers to create their own interactive campaigns in minutes and at virtually zero cost.

This unique feature is possible because Catchyoo is NOT based on Adobe Flash, a too rigid and expensive technology.

This might sounds like a little technology difference, it is in fact a fondamental business advantage for Catchyoo partners as they save time and money in content creation which helps them to find profitability and higher revenues much faster than with any other technologies.

Catchyoo Magic Book