As we celebrate the 2 years of our Catchyoo blog, as we take new promising directions at LM3LABS, we hire new people, we prepare new amazing products, it was time to re-align our blogging strategy too.

The new blog is designed to reflect the innovation spirit carried by LM3LABS for the last 5 years. The LM3LABS blog is more product neutral, covering all products while leaving room to the future products and corporate and business news.

Simpler, wider, it leaves space to video in hi-quality and to better graphics.

Visitors have direct access to the products, solutions or corporate sites with visible buttons. They can also easily contact LM3LABS thru a form which integrates into LM3LABS business flow.

RSS subscription has never been so easy. Please subscribe to stay tuned!

Also please change your bookmarks as the Catchyoo blog will disappear on August 8th and no more posting will be made on it.

Welcome to a new Era !