Catchyoo and Ubiq’window will be on stage on February 8th in Tokyo, represented by partners Duplo/CMPunch @ the Japan Printing association’s event PAGE2007.

This year’s theme is "Media of the 21st Century: colorful media, born digital, multi-use".
This event gathers all professionals from the printing industry (DNP, Toppan,…) who will discuss the future of their industry. Some subjects will be very technical (like "getting freedom from CMYK", "from paper to mobile",…) or more strategic like "the migration from paper advertising to digital advertising".
This is on this precise cross-media topic that CMPunch, as a panelist, will present Catchyoo/Ubiq’window and their impact for the content creation process, content distribution flow, impact on end-users.
For Japanese speakers in Tokyo, the event will be in Ikebukuro from Feb 7th to 9th. The entrance is not cheap but subjects are very interesting for those interested in the future of digital media in Japan.