LM3LABS Store Information

Payment Methods

You can select from these payment methods:

  • Credit card payment: we accept most credit cards, namely Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners,…
  • Paypal: with our without PayPal account
  • Bank transfer: transfer funds to our US account in US dollars
  • Apple Pay: pay with your iPhone or iPad or Safari browser.

For Subscriptions please use the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer for annual payment or Operator payment only.

For Punctual payments please use the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank transfer for amount above a typical credit card limit

Credit Card

Credit card payment are processed by Stripe, a leader in credit card processing. Credit card details are not stored or processed on LM3LABS’ servers, never.
Optionally, you can decide that your credit card details are stored for further operation. These details are securely stored at Stripe and not on LM3LABS’ servers.


The Store offers the option to pay with PayPal. The transactions is fully processed by PayPal. At no time LM3LABS has access to your account details.

Bank Transfer

This payment method is to be reserved to large payments that cannot be processed by other payment methods. Do not use the Bank transfer method for payment below $500.

Please process to the normal order. An invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. Please refer to your order number in your bank transfer so that we reconciliate your payment. Once the funds received, an other “Paid” invoice will be sent to you by the Store.

The paid amount must be in US dollars. Your bank fees must be bared by you.

Apple Pay

You can now check out with just your fingerprint from your iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro. The payment is securely processed by Stripe. LM3LABS collects no data about your payment information, at no time.

Apple Pay is not available in all countries. Apple Pay cannot be used for subscription payments. If the payment by Apple Pay is possible, the Store will automatically propose it to you.


Invoices are sent automatically to you.
In case of subscriptions, an invoice is sent to you a few minute after your subscription payment, monthly.


Subscriptions are automatic and monthly.
There is no necessary action from your side.
You can cancel your subscription at any time within the respect of your contract with LM3LABS.
Subscriptions are managed by LM3LABS, not by third party payment methods.

Custom Invoice Payment

You can use the Store to pay custom invoices or custom subscription.

For instance, for a $325 invoice, select 3 Payment Unit + 5 Payment Sub-unit.

Your cart will look like this:


You may have receive a Coupon from LM3LABS. The Coupon apply to a specific product/service or to your all cart. Coupons may be limited in number of use, or limited in time. Please fill in the coupon code when reaching the Cart page.


The currency of the Store is US dollar ($).

SSL Encryption

Your transactions on the Store, as well as on the entire LM3LABS web site, are protected by 256 bit encryption SSL. You data (name, address,…) as well as your credit card details are encrypted before being transferred to servers. Please make sure that the locker sign appears in the URL of your browser.

Terms and Conditions

LM3LABS’ services Terms and Conditions can be found on this page.

Data Processing

The customer data received by LM3LABS from the Store are stored in the USA. Stripe , Paypal and Apple Pay data are stored in the US. Xloudia customer data are stored in Japan. Data received by LM3LABS are not shared with any other company and LM3LABS does not use them for any other purpose than the customer relationship.

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