Last Friday, we presented 3DFeel as a “pre-launch” to some happy few members of the Tokyo Interaction Center.

3DFeel made a first worldwide by associating 3D body tracking to 3D stereoscopic display.

People could see themselves as avatars in a 3D environment.

Some of 3DFeel features:

  • – Multi-platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • – Developer-friendly: allow content creation in Unity3D, Flash, Panda3D etc…
  • – Full HD 3DTV capable
  • – Sensor compatible (Kinect, 3D Cameras,…)
  • – Open to other devices and networks: iPhone, Android, Win7, FaceBook, Twitter, Mixi,…
  • – Multi-sensor capable
  • …and all what you can expect from a 3D tracking solution (Gestures, bones reconstruction, multi-player,…)

3Dfeel is the perfect tool for interaction specialists who want to offer their local customers a 100% customized “Kinect-like” experience for campaigns or permanent installations.

Here are some preliminary images. We will continue to keep you posted with images and movies.