As the third Louvre – DNP Museum Lab presentation, a work representative of Titian’s oeuvre, The Madonna of the Rabbit, will be on show for the first time in Japan.

DNP’s Museum Lab’s latest offering is an invitation to follow the story of The Madonna of the Rabbit,
as presented by Jean Habert, curator at the Musée du Louvre. This is an
opportunity to see the work as its contemporaries did, rediscovering
the emotions, impressions, and sensations it evoked for 16th-century
Venetians and Titian.

Louvre – DNP Museum Lab invites the public to experiment with new
mediation tools designed to enhance their appreciation of a work of
art: to study artworks in detail, and to deliver a deeper understanding
of their background and meaning.

is once again used to get a better knowledge of the masterwork. Visitors will interact with an Ubiq’window AirStrike positioned at 1.5 meters from a large plasma screen.
The Installation lets visitors use their finger in the air to interact with the content and discover the secrets of the painting: composition, color associations, and other details.

The exhibition is open until March 1st 2008 in Gotanda, Tokyo.

More details about the exhibition can be found on DNP Museum Lab web site.

© 2007 Musée du Louvre / Angéle Dequier, DNP