500_2 FY2006 books are closed. LM3 multiplied its turnover by 5 over the year
2006. This is not nothing, this is just called "fast growth". And some
could call it an outstanding performance considering it was done without
any external investors. It is pure, sound, robust growth from sales.

LM3 has gained a unique position on the
interactive out-of-home marketing market and relies on selected partners to bring
best solutions to leading customers.

2007 is a very strong year
too. LM3 recruited new partners, and opens new markets like Russia,
India, Korea, Brazil, new regions in China… In addition, Catchyoo (who joined
the portfolio at mid year) is now on fast tracks, Catchyoo Media
Channel business is starting in many countries, new products and
services are in preparation to better answer our partners and
customers’ needs.

Thanks to all of you who trusted us, you have intuition.