We invent Natural Interactions

We develop Sensors, Algorithms, and Software,

We design Interactions,

We advise on how to successfully deploy them.

For over 14 years,

LM3LABS is quietly pioneering

in computer vision-based interactions

Technical Expertises


Computer Vision

  • Proprietary algorithms
  • OpenCV
  • Matlab


Deep Learning

  • Caffe Framework
  • Tensorflow


Hi-performance Cloud Computing

  • Amazon AWS
  • Neural networking


3D Techs

  • Unity3D


Fingers Tracking





Face & Eyes Tracking


Catchyoo FaceTracker

Catchyoo EyeTracker

Body Tracking



Image & Video Recognition, AR


Xloudia TV

Xloudia Search


Key Markets





For the Cause

Saving the planet has never been so urgent. What if you could use the best attention grabbing technologies to pass your important messages, at a NGO-cost ? Living and working is an hyper developed country, Japan, dealing with fast developing countries in Asia, we learned that a huge work has to be done for the [...]
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Hello, Xloudia Search

The Xloudia team is pleased to announce 2 new services with the Xloudia product line : Xloudia Search and Xloudia Labelling. Xloudia Labelling is a mass labelling service for pictures. It is available today to online stores. It will also be available to Xloudia Imerico clients for auto-labelling of markers/reference images in a few days. Xloudia [...]
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Stars & Stripes

Dear Friends, We are pleased to unveil our New York office which started operations last week. This new office in the US will help us to get closer to key players in our domain and better serve our customers. In 2016, 60% of LM3LABS leads are originated from the US. LM3LABS Inc. USA’s mission is [...]
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Nice’s e-Health Storytelling Showroom

The city of Nice is the 5th French city by its size. The city currently hosts the best of breed infrastructure. Nice claims the ambition to be one of the capital of healthcare in Europe and it has all cards in hands to be one. In October 2015, Nice inaugurated the 27Delvalle building. 27 Delvalle [...]
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Self Makeup with Deep Learning

When it comes to next generation retail, it is important to segment client types. Some clients need recommandations and human  contacts while others are fine or prefer with self-service. The luxury industry is no exception to this trend and our daily digital world make the consumers more autonomous in their purchase experience. Now, the approach [...]
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FrenchTech Tokyo is rolling

Finally ! After 4 years of discussions between Tokyo and Paris, the FrenchTech hub was launched in Tokyo on October 5th, inaugurated by French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron. It is the 3rd French Hub after San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Of course LM3LABS is part of the initiative from the very first day. Nicolas [...]
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Born In Tokyo, I’m French

[dt_fancy_image type="uploaded_image" style="1" width="270" padding="10" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" align="left"] Xloudia is celebrated in the official book about French innovation published by BusinessFrance, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. Featuring 40 compamies, a few startups and larger companies like Intel, Microsoft/INRIA or Toyota, this book testimonies about the potential and [...]
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Reinvigorating Fukushima with Catchyoo

4 years ago, at 14:46 we were in a meeting in our Tokyo office with our friends from IDEO. On the moment, we could not really grasp what was happening 250 kilometres away North in the Tohoku region. While considering the situation from the street, where most of the people gathered as a security measure, [...]
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Art Avatar at Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art

LM3LABS is presenting an interactive modern at exhibition at Centre Pompidou museum of modern art in Paris. It uses interaction technologies to engage visitors in a creation experience.

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An Educational Project for Science Center Singapore

[dt_gap height="32" /] LM3LABS equipped Singapore Science Center with a 3DFeel installation. The purpose is to educate kids about their own body. Kids can see themselves with three "augmented" scenes that they can select: an animated blood system with heart motion and blood circulatory a full body skeleton digestive system with an animated simulation when [...]
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