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Xloudia comes with a customized Pricing Plan for each individual client and business model. Pricing Plans are kept confidential as part of contractual relationship with our clients.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Xloudia is a B2B solution for large scale deployment of image recognition. The scale varies according to the number of markers, the number of users, the geo span, etc…
  • Xloudia enables various business models in domains like AR, Gaming, Publishing, Advertising, e-Commerce… Those domains have different economics and requirements.
  • Xloudia is a “white brand” which aims at empowering our customers, discreetly. Xloudia can come with multiple options like color recognition, service level agreement, etc… Most of our clients want to keep their cost confidential.

Xloudia’s pay-per-use cloud model eliminates the burden and cost of hosting and architecture design, so you can focus on app development and serving your clients. Xloudia’s pricing model is very evolutive, with no fixed fees. It adapts to your growth.
Please contact us for further information about a pricing plan for your specific case.

Pricing Plan