vision from clouds

Why AR in the Cloud?

Augmented Reality’s computer vision technology is highly CPU hungry as algorithms must identify patterns from images produced at 30 frames per second by the camera.

A smartphone can recognise a few tens of patterns, a computer can handle a few thousands and the Cloud has unlimited resources to search millions of images, load balancing the image recognition work onto hundreds of CPUs.

The Cloud is safe. Xloudia relies on the Amazon Elastic Computing EC2 infrastructure, an infrastructure powering web shooting stars like Instagram.

Xloudia AR engine is hosted in Japan, one of the best countries for high performance internet.
Databases are redundant, bugs are corrected for millions of users instantly, resources are immediately available when demand bursts.

Cloud computing is the future of Augmented Reality and it opens new opportunities and business models.

Xloudia pioneers with key features paving the way to amazing new applications