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Xloudia Features

Xloudia [cloud-ya] is a technology solution for large-scale deployment of Augmented Reality projects. It accommodates millions of markers for millions of users on heterogeneous client devices.

Xloudia infrastructure includes:

  • a best-of-breed image recognition engine running on a 24/24 monitored cloud infrastructure
  • a client module which can be integrated into ObjectiveC, Java or other applications for smartphones, computers and tablets.
  • a set of web services which will seamlessly link your existing infrastructure to Xloudia
  • GUI for management
  • Consulting for integration


Xloudia’s recognition technology is said “markerless”. It means Xloudia algorithms recognise ‘normal’ images like pictures, logos, labels, packaging, monuments,…

Xloudia does not need QR codes, B&W markers or any visible signs that would alter product marketing or design.

Please check this demonstration.


Xloudia’s recognition runs on a Linux server farm but clients can be embedded into any OS or platforms, namely: iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux,…

Because Xloudia is cloud-based, it requires no release distribution, no bug fix, no local database update.


Xloudia’s cloud architecture is design to load balance the image recognition to multiple CPU or nodes which share the task. The result is identification in 200 msec with WiFi in Tokyo and Singapore.


Xloudia’s set of web services links your existing web infrastructure to Xloud’s cloud AR system.

  • Database interface
  • Activation flow
  • User ID tracking

Xloudia proposes API for automated upload of reference images or a full fledge Graphical User Interface for account management and mass upload.


You will never have to worry about performance anymore. Xloudia relies on Amazon Elastic Computing infrastructure which grows in performance automatically as needed.

Xloudia smartly distribute the heavy duty image recognition work to as many CPU as needed, in real time.

Xloudia operates from Japan, a country highly regarded for its internet performance and can serve projects all over the world. It is also replicated in a second country for resilience with a seamless continuity plan.

Xloudia’s algorithms and databases are securely duplicated in quasi-real time and Xloudia raises alerts to a 24/24 maintenance team in case of problem.


Xloudia’s dashboard allows you to accurately manage your clients or campaigns.

  •  Total Operations Management: account and categorie, markers creation/deletion/suspension.
  • Alerts: unlimited alerts.
  • Limits: stop a client or category activity on a specific amount of requests.
  • Analytics: action-focus information lets you find the right data to make the right decision (geo, OS, patterns,…).
  • Graphics: Xloudia lets you visualize data with graphics, export them.
  • CSV, PDF exports: for better use of data in your favorite tools.
  • API (REST): Xloudia’s data can reach you own system directly thanks to API.
  • Multi-lingual: the dashboard is available in English, Japanese and French.

You can focus on your marketing, we provide you the right tools for the right actions.