vision from clouds


Bringing AR to the Cloud is not a fad. The power and flexibility of Cloud Computing opens new applications, new business model.

Xloudia powers large-scale AR projects like:

  • “Augmentation” of catalogs: users can use their smartphone while browsing paper printed catalog, “flash” products’ image and add it to their Basket or Wish List.
  • e-Commerce and m-Commerce: Xloudia “marker-less” capabilities can recognise millions of products and link them to existing e-commerce web site for smoother, easier, faster order.
  • User-generated applications: millions of users can add millions of new markers to create “augmented” cities.

…and more like augmented business card, greeting cards, etc…

If your company…

  • handles thousands of various products
  • serves millions of users equipped with various devices
  • tries to bridge the gap between real life and online services

You might find strategic benefits in integrating Xloudia. Check out Xloudia’s unique features.