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What is the difference between Xloudia and the millions of other AR solutions?

Xloudia is focused on large deployments, when there is a need to recognise thousands or millions of markers. In example: catalogs, e-Commerce companies, publishing,…

Unlike traditional AR solutions where the marker recognition is made on the smartphone, Xloudia makes the recognition on the cloud using powerful servers. The result is that a marker can be recognised out of millions in a few milli-seconds.

Unlike pure image recognition services, Xloudia can also “track” markers. It means that Xloudia can be used for 3D content manipulation.

Xloudia relies on Unity3D for the player. Unity3D is cross-OS and a project ported for iOS can be posted to Android with limited work.

Because it is cloud-based, Xloudia comes with a complete dashboard for operation management (alerts, limits, statistics, data export,…).

Finally, Xloudia is “liquid”. It is built to match an existing web infrastructure (API,…).

Why don’t you publish a SDK like the others?

Xloudia relies on Unity3D and there is no need for an additional SDK to Unity3D to create a Xloudia-based project.

Xloudia’s Operators and Clients receive Unity3D templates that they can integrate into their iOS or Android projects.

Can I deploy Xloudia in my country?

The quick answer is yes.

Now, for best performance, we recommend to deploy Xloudia in countries with fast broadband connection (WiFi or 4G LTE).

As of Spring 2013, Xloudia is optimized for operation in Japan, Singapore and South East Asia.

Xloudia can quickly be deployed in the following countries and region upon request:

  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America

Why don’t we hear from you on forums? Why don’t you publish Apps?

Xloudia is a B2B solution targeting key accounts as a “white brand”. We aim at bringing value to our key accounts by being discreet if not secret.

Xloudia does not feature brand, logo, copyrights on applications so that our customers’ brands are fully visible. We are “enablers”.

Our sales approach is direct and discreet.

Xloudia does not publish a list a reference clients.

I am an independent App developer, can I use Xloudia?

Xloudia focuses on large deployements where there are thousands or even millions of markers to be recognized.

If your applications is related to a few markers only, you might consider an other solution. If it does need large volume recognition and tracking, we will be please to serve you.