vision from clouds


Augmented Publishing:

Above: Xloudia can bridge the gap between paper and m-Commerce by creating a direct link between printed pages and products presented on the pages. The user experience has never been so pleasant, and the path to revenue so short.


On iOS: An m-Commerce simulation where Xloudia recognises real objects and products in a catalog.

Below on Android: the same demonstration on Samsung Galaxy SIII in Japan using WiFi connection.

You can request a 30-day Free trial here.


Xloudia is great at tracking too. It tracks fast, smoothly and precisely. Here is a showcase:

Xloudia can track markers in order to accommodate traditional Augmented Reality application which can complement image recognition from the cloud.

Xloudia Colours:

Xloudia Colours is a module available as a dashboard option and in Xloudia’s client module. It identify from 6 to 128 colors segments.
It can be applied to any type of products, images, textiles,… Design integration are totally up to client requirements.