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Interaction in Aquarium

LM3LABS has recently bid for a few aquariums. We had to illustrate our propositions and here are the images. We treat aquarium as education centers and they have their place in this blog.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) can be a great add-on to aquarium on entry tickets to create buzz and bring more visitors: guests will bring back their tickets home and play with them on the aquarium web site, collecting the missing fish, exchanging with friends,…


AR can also boost the aquarium’s shop with collector stamps and post cards that can be played with webcams or smartphones.



Catchyoo makes great introduction to aquarium both on the floor or on walls. Animations follow or react to visitors motions. They engage visitors in a discovery that will be followed by the real exhibition.

Of course, there many other ways to engage visitors in a strong relationship with aquariun using LM3LABS’ technologies. Those are only a few examples.


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