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AirStrike and Holography for retail and museums

August 22nd, 2011 Tags: , , ,
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Holography is a visual trick which lets viewer think they are in front of a 3D object in front of them.
Questioning the reality of holograms is questioning the reality of life “a la” matrix. A philosophical debate.

Different holographic solutions where presented and explained at a Tokyo Interaction Center event.

Whatever technology is used to create holographic images, non interactive images or animations are extremely boring and rarely engaging.

Interacting with light is a tricky issue as there is nothing to touch and placing devices like a mouse or a trackpad “killes” the effect.

Finally the best is to interact is tracking finger pointing at the hologram.

AirStrike is the perfect tool for achieving this goal.

Here is a simulation showing the association between a “dreamoc” holographic system (but there are other manufacturers, and we would be happy to collaborate with them) and AirStrike. A real object is on display. Holographic contents appear around the object and propose menu to the viewer who “clicks” it. The content can be stereoscopique adding more to the 3D effect.


Applications are numerous in retail and museums.

Here is an example designed for a luxury watch maker. The visitor points at a real watch on display in the glass case. Holographic contents appears around the selected watch.


Holography can be larger scale.

In the below example, a system similar to “Vizoo” is used to create the holographic effect which separates the viewer from the artifact.

AirStrike lets the visitor get augmented information according to where he points toward the artifact’s details.