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New gestures for AirStrike and Ubiq’window

October 23rd, 2009 Tags: , ,
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AirStrike and Ubiq’window have been enhanced with a new set of touchless gestures and actions.

Those gestures are recognized motions made in the air, on AirStrike, or at proximity of  the surface, for Ubiq’window. They can be associated to a series of actions understood by the applications.

The new set is available for free to Ubiq’window and AirStrike customers as part of LM3LABS’ lifelong support policy.

This gesture set paves the way to the soon-to-be-announced “4th dimension”, the contextual gesture adaptation to environment, an ultimate layer of intelligence in touchless and multi-touch interaction.

Digital and Real Life come together at the Museum

August 25th, 2009 | Posted in AirStrike, Movies, Museum, Ubiq'window | No Comments »

The ultimate graal in the museum industry is to bring the depth and richness of the digital world together with exhibited objects, artifacts, master pieces…

AirStrike offers a solution for interaction with those real objects but also with distant screen.

The present example is both simple to deploy and highly effective.

An AirStrike is integrated into the exhibition stand. The front rear is a plasma display. Objects, here precious Japanese ceramics are inside a glass case, out of reach from visitors.

Visitors can interact in 2 different ways.

1- They can point at an object to get information about this precise object: artist, technique, dates, etc…

2- They can also directly point at the LCD screen and navigate into digital contents: chronology, media archives, etc…

Visitors do not need to touch the glass or any device. Gestures are natural and intuitive.

Similar AirStrike deployments have been made in museums around the word.

Of course, this configuration is not limited to museum but can also serve jewellery, showrooms, luxury boutiques,…  The design is free as technology remains invisible.

Please enjoy the movie in HD.


Create the future you want. In Singapore.

June 16th, 2009 Tags: , ,
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Insurance giant Aviva made noise in Singapore with their “Create the future you want.” campaign based on ubiq’window 200.

The monumental Out-of-Home campaign lets visitors design their ideal life which is displayed in real time on the front of Vivo City building.

Cameras inside the touchless kiosks also record users real-time thru the interactive surface.

Please enjoy it in full screen as it is an HD movie.

Redefining kiosks: music, movies, services, games distribution

June 9th, 2009 Tags:
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LM3LABS launch a series of innovative multimedia content distribution kiosks based on free-air interactivity AirStrike and touchless Ubiq’window.

The kiosks let users browse multi-media interactive contents like music and video on a large screen and complete a secure purchase transaction cycle ending on the mobile phone.
They are aimed at offering content distributors (music majors, studios,…) a way to reach their markets in selected locations: cinema, shopping center, clubs and other venues.
Many colors and two models of kiosks are proposed:
– a close interactivity series based on Ubiq’window: it allows precise interaction and has a small footprint on the floor.
– a distant interactivity series  based on AirStrike: with free air gestures is more adapted to games, 3D object handling etc…
The kiosks are equipped with touchless payment system (Felica or Edy in Japan).
The kiosk will be available in a few territories only, at least for the beginning.


AirStrike Interactive Mirror in Hong Kong

May 26th, 2009 Tags: , ,
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Hong Kong jewelery shop, WCJ, has deployed an innovative interactive mirror on which people can browse contents or check how they look with WCJ products.

Free-air finger tracking AirStrike is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and customers interact by pointing at the mirror, in the air, at distance.

AirStrike tracks their hand motions. A great example of interactive architecture deployed by local partner Tech Vision.


JCDecaux deploys ubiq’window-based abribus

April 18th, 2009 Tags:
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logojcdJCDecaux, one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies, started deploying interactive abribus (bus stop shelters in Sweden) based on ubiq’window.

In the first stage, the Abribus let people find lines and connection by entering destinations or lines. In next steps advertising will be proposed to passengers: ad-games, interactive ads, edutainment, etc…
The interactive digital signage content can be remotely updated by a 3G connection.
Ubiq’window’s computer vision technology is the best fit for this usage as it resist Swedish street conditions and it is crowd-proof.
Installations are made by ubiq’window distributor in Sweden, Touchme.


Interactivity at Siemens Center

April 1st, 2009 Tags: , ,
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Siemens inaugurates their City of the Future showroom in Singapore. LM3LABS provided interactivity to Siemens Center, put in action by Belinda and team.

Singapore newspaper Straits Times’ Razor TV covered the inauguration of the new exhibition.

Siemens Singapore has set up a City of the Future Exhibition and Solutions Centre, a focal point for city management officials from across the world to share best practices and experience Siemens’ suite of innovative technologies for city management and sustainable living.

The new centre, together with Siemens’ Global Centre of Competence for City Management which was set up in Singapore last year, demonstrates the value Siemens sees in Singapore as a “living laboratory” to design, develop and implement innovative solutions for global markets. Rapid global urbanisation has led to the demand of new products and services, and companies such as Siemens are able to leverage Singapore’s city environment, its network of partners from both public and private sectors as well as strong capabilities in IT and urban planning to pursue these opportunities.

Courtesy Razor TV and EDB

the tactile vending machine experience

March 20th, 2009 Tags: , ,
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Vending machines are poised to evolve and enter into the digital era. This is a project for a large cigarette company. This is a touchless, yet tactile cigarette vending machine for clubs.

It mixes digital interactivity on holographic media to tactilised real objects. Clients select their cigarettes by touching the real cigarette box thru the glass window. They can also interact with the holographic image at the center, play games, get news and services.

Payment is made with RFID payment card called Felica IC Card embedded in Japanese mobile phones.

Based on computer vision system ubiq’window, the machine is flexible and can be adapted in a few seconds to new brands and contents.

Please enjoy HD with full-screen mode.


Geneva Motorshow 2009: Bridgestone

March 17th, 2009 Tags: ,
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After the Detroit Motorshow, Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone, deployed ubiq’window in Geneva Motorshow 2009. The product will be used in the next 2009 motorshows around the globe with various integration designs.

Pictures from Stephane Cazalet.

interactive holographic assistant

February 27th, 2009 Tags:
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A cool integration of AirStrike with an holographic assistant made by US partner IMG.

The product is to be deployed on hundreds of location in the US over the next months.

IMG and LM3LABS will jointly present at Interactive Display Show in SanFrancisco, Califormia, in late April. We will be pleased to meet US clients and partners at this occasion.