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10 years of French Innovation in Japan

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LM3LABS was part of the Official Delegation of French President’s visit in Tokyo on June 6~8.

Since 2003, LM3LABS innovates in Japan and France in the domain of computer vision.

LM3LABS was selected to be part of the Official Delegation to showcase the fruitful collaboration between Japan and France for innovation. LM3LABS presented their technologies to the French President, Francois Hollande, Japanese operator KDDI’s Executive Representative, also a LM3LABS client, and French Ministers Laurent Fabius and Fleur Pellerin at Hikarie landmark building in Shibuya. On the business-side, the delegation included Carlos Ghosn (CEO of Renault-Nissan) and Louis Schweizer (ex-CEO of Renault) among others.

Communique de Presse en Francais.

Fragrange holograms

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On July 23rd, LM3LABS hosted the Tokyo Interaction Center, aka TinC.

Pictures can be seen on

Among guests, Tokuda-san a PhD candidate from University of Tokyo specialized in holographic 3D screens. He presented a small model of his research. We helped him to illustrate the application of his work to the “commercial” world and this the result.

A ring of very light mist mixed with fragrange is pulsed in a shop while a projector synchronize images with the ring size, dimension, speed, density in order to create a 3D effect to viewer under the “cloud”.

3D visualizations simply look like coming to the visitors. When the cloud reach the viewer it caries a fresh fragrange

Tokuda-san interview, in Japanese, can be seen on TinC’s YouTube Page:

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As LM3LABS expand in new interactivity domains with new products and solutions, we grow our team and open 2 new positions.

We are looking for an Augmented Reality software engineer (JOB REQ: and a Computer Vision software engineer (JOB REQ:

Both positions are based in the heart of never-sleeping Tokyo.

LM3LABS’ vision on Radio France International

September 15th, 2008 | Posted in Business, Catchyoo, Dynamic signage, in the news, LM3LABS, People, Podcast, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on LM3LABS’ vision on Radio France International

LM3LABS’ Founder and Managing Director, Nicolas Loeillot, was interviewed last Sunday by Radio France International, the worldwide broadcast of the national radio. He had the opportunity to explain LM3LABS’ vision of a computer vision-based interactive world.

The interview is in French and can be listened to here:


The program can be found on RFI web site.

에 오신 것을 환영합니다 팀

August 22nd, 2008 | Posted in Business, LM3LABS, People | Comments Off on 에 오신 것을 환영합니다 팀

We have the pleasure to welcome Crystal Lee (Yi Lee Sujnng) as LM3’s new Business Development Manager for Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Based in Tokyo, Crystal will contribute to LM3’s growth on those markets thanks to localized support in Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Her first mission at LM3 was to supervise a shooting for TVAsahi, a major TV channel in Japan. The program about “The Future of Advertising” will be broadcast on TVAsahi on August 31st at 8pm JST and will show Catchyoo and Ubiq’window in action as next generation tools for advertisers. The shooting happened at Catchyoo Media Channel spots in Tokyo.

Crystal, a Korean citizen, holds an MBA from Toyama National University, Japan, and brings her past experience in electronic products business development acquired in Taiwan.

Crystal, you have the mike:

“안녕하세요, 한국, 중국, 일본 , 대만 시장을 담당하게 되었습니다. Catchyoo,Ubiq’window 와 같은  유닉하고 재미있는 제품을  한국에 소개하게 되어 기쁩니다.

你好,我是負責韓國,日本,中國,台灣市場的crystal lee.很高興有機會與您分享與Catchyoo,Ubiq’window一樣獨創、有趣的產品”

AirStrike: TV show preparation in Japan

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AirStrike will be presented on Nihon TV (Nitele) on June 7, 8pm JST
as part of the program "The Most Useful School in the World".

This primetime program is aimed at explaining new technologies to Japanese with guest stars as students.
This is one of the best and most popular program in Japan.
The stars were presented AirStrike and they could play with the interactive system.

this world is small we were there with interactivity specialist Alvaro
from Tokyo University. He presented an interesting obstacle
detection helmet.
On the picture below we see here LM3’s Yumiko playing with the tool. We had plently of time
talking about user interaction, laser, products, collaboration…

Just to provide some ideas about the ambiance we post some pictures
which will not tell too much about the content… You will have to wait.


Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007, Singapore

November 12th, 2007 | Posted in Dynamic signage, Events, People | Comments Off on Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007, Singapore

LM3LABS was present at the 2007 release of Asia Outdoor Advertising exhibition in Singapore.

The event was superbly executed by Fuse. Perfect organization, great team.

Catchyoo and ubiq’window were presented on SMRT Media’s booth. SMRT Media manages the public network transportation media space in Singapore.
Their great team could learn deeper and pitch customers about interactive advertising solutions.


They were assisted by Mosaic Solutions’ team, LM3LABS’ representative in Singapore and the region.

Nicolas Loeillot, MD of LM3LABS, was on stage at this occasion to talk about the interactive future of Out-of-Home advertising.

The presented slides are share below.
Because of technology limitations, it was not possible to embed the presented movies in the slides. They have been replaced by still images.

With Catchyoo’s eye

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Did you ever imagine to be at Catchyoo’s place and watching what is going on?
Take a seat !

This was at Pink Ball 2007 event, the charity event organized last Friday for the Run for the Cure campaign.

LM3LABS, guest speaker at Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

October 10th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Business, Catchyoo, Dynamic signage, Events, People | Comments Off on LM3LABS, guest speaker at Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

Nicolas Loeillot, Managing Director of LM3LABS, will present at Asia Outdoor Advertising (AOA) 2007 in Singapore on October 24th-26th, 2007.

He will talk about the Future of Outdoor Advertising which is, as you can guess, not only digital but interactive.

AOA is the most comprehensive event in this precise domain in Asia which all markets in Asia and Australia with exhibitors like JCDecaux or ClearChannel.

Aside the presentation, Catchyoo will be presented by Singapore Mass  Rapid Transit (SMRT) on their booth and in collaboration with Mosaic Solutions, demonstrating interactive signage application to public transportation environments.

The presentation slides will be posted right after the event so that they can benefit all of us in our communication about our vision of this industry.

We want the best!

January 26th, 2007 | Posted in Business, Catchyoo, People | Comments Off on We want the best!

4starsblog_2LM3LABS launch an innovative Partner Program mixing world-class channel management practices to new technologies. THEBLOG met with LM3 Japan Managing Director Yumiko Misaki to know more about it:

THEBLOG: "Hi Yumiko, the digital signage industry is pretty short-term focused, hectic and volatile, why such a Partner Program?"
Yumiko Misaki:"For the respect of our customers and best partners. We have developped a model which ranks our partners based on their capabilities in Marketing, Selling, Installing, Maintaining and creating Contents for Catchyoo systems so that end-customers can choose to work with the best of them".
THEBLOG: "what for?"
Yumiko Misaki: "It is very important for all the Catchyoo community to recruit partners who bring the best value to the customer, convey the correct image, install in total security, generate value from the product more than only reselling but also share the same business risks than the Catchyoo people and their families.
THEBLOG:"Some partners may not be happy with this ranking, don’t you think?"
Yumiko Misaki:"This program will help our best partners to sell more easily. At the end, we ask our partners to share the same dedicacy to quality, customer care, value and vision than LM3. It is made in total transparency. Good partners will be happy to receive Stars, poor partners will know what they should improve".
THEBLOG:"Concretely how does it work?"
Yumiko Misaki:"After ranking, our partners will receive individual certificate that they can use on their web sites, mail, brochures etc…".
THE BLOG:"Can’t some indelicates counterfeit the certificates?"
Yumiko Misaki:"They will have hard time. Harder than selling our products! Certificates are protected."
THEBLOG:"How do you do this?"
Yumiko Misaki:"ha, ha, should I tell? Just a hint. We use technologies like encrypted Permalinks and online filigranes. I cannot tell more."
THEBLOG:"How do you reflect the changes, the raising stars and decaying ‘Milky ways’?"
Yumiko Misaki:"All is online. The revision is quarterly, update done in a click".
THEBLOG:"You play the big company, don’t you?"
Yumiko Misaki:"We are very serious. Our people have been trained in multinational companies. The result is that we have the most professional solution on the market today, with innovative business models and marketing. Multinationals like Microsoft buy our solutions and we must be careful about who they meet. It is an end-to-end quality policy. Our distribution Partners are our best asset, we rely on them, we want to help them.".
THEBLOG:"Sounds like a Japanese permanent improvement practice… Yumiko, thank you".