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iTable32, your home like no other

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We start our first series of interactive furniture with a set of interactive tables based on flat multitouch iTable 32.

The series comes in 3 flavors:
– dark oak
– natural birch
– white corian

…and 2 sizes:
– 40cm high for living rooms
– 70cm high for other purposes like showrooms, museums, or boutiques.

iTable 32 can track up to 40 simultaneous fingers, is equipped with i7 mini-PC running Windows 7 Professional in your language.
The stunning heatless screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels so that you can watch your HD movies in 1080p, play your favorite games at their best.

The multitouch surface is water and scratch resistant and it can serve as a normal table if necessary.
Of course, the design can be adapted to specific requirements and tastes.

Content-wise, iTable 32 series can accommodate most of Windows-based applications but also come with specific widgets like Catchyoo’s Koi Pond, games and home automation.

Pre-order are opened.
Please enquiry to LM3LABS for prices, detailed specs, or better, come and visit us in Tokyo.

LM3LABS is also hiring distribution partners (exclusive furniture distributors with strong market share in their market).

Learning Languages in Color and Multi-touch

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LM3LABS delivered to Tokyo-based Sophia University, a multi-touch application for learning languages on interactive tables and other multitouch devices.

The application relies on the “reading by color” methodology developed by Dr Caleb Gattegno and used at Sophia University “on paper” for many years.

Dr Gattegno’s is an approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing using the association of syllables to colors.

LM3LABS’ application lets 1 teacher and 3 students collaboratively work on texts:

  • – understand the spelling and read the sentence by the color
  • – identify the nature and function of words in the sentence
  • – split the sentence according to the rhythms and pronounced syllables
  • – recreate the sentences from shuffled sentences

The application can accommodate multiple teachers and languages, it also records mistakes by student so that they can individually work on their weaknesses on the soon-to-come iPad version.

As for the design, LM3LABS wanted to make it as simple as possible so that it does not disturb the learning experience. The focus is on words, colors and images.

The application is open source so that developers can adapt it to other multitouch devices (touch panels, Android devices, etc…).

Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

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Over the last 7 years, LM3LABS has built a complete set of technologies and products all based on computer vision. They are software and electronics products as it is difficult to create high-quality CV products on software only.

We recently mapped those technologies for a better understanding of what product does what.

If all of them belong to the “gesture control” world, the best segmentation is made from 4 categories:

  • Finger tracking: precise finger tracking, it can be single touch or multi-touch (this latest not always being a plus). Finger tracking also encompasses hand tracking which comes, for LM3LABS products, as a gestures.
  • Body tracking: using one’s body as a pointing device. Body tracking can be associated to “passive” interactivity (users are engaged without their decision to be) or “active” interactivity like 3DFeel where “players” use their body to interact with content.
  • Face tracking: using user face as a pointing device. It can be mono user or multiple users. Face tracking is a “passive” interactivity tool for engaging user in an interactive relationship with digital content.
  • Image Tracking: Augmented Reality (AR) lets users use images (flyers, real products, t-shirts, faces,…) to interact with digital content. AR can be markerless or marker-based. Markerless technology has advantages but marker-based AR is easier for users to understand. (Please note here that Markerless AR is made in close collaboration with AR leader Total Immersion).

Most LM3LABS’ products are leader on their segment if not unique.

A new FX for Catchyoo: Spread !

December 15th, 2008 Tags:
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Catchyoo does not stop getting richer and richer, providing partners and customers with new opportunities of content creation.

Catchyoo comes today with a new FX: Spread.

Spread lets users be the source of particles irradiating around them.

Creation is made in minutes as Catchyoo is 100% free of Flash, a great technology for web, but very poor when multi-user interactions is necessary.

Here are 2 examples that you can also watch in HD here:


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French museum Le Louvre and Japanese DNP inaugurate today their 5th presentation at DNP Museum Lab in Tokyo.

DNP Museum Lab displays next-generation technologies applied to museums.

LM3LABS who are very active in the museum industry once again provided the interactivity.

Intallations are briefly explained on the Multimedia Display page.

The exhibition is opened to public until May 16th, 2009. Details are presented on DNP’s site.

Catchyoo iTable at Teikoku Data Bank

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interactive table

Catchyoo iTable has been deployed by Teikoku Data Bank who presents a very interesting exhibition about the longer lasting Japanese companies.

Japan is the country with the more numerous century+ companies in the world.

There are 20.000 century old companies in Japan, 2.000 of them were created before the Meiji Era (starting 1868).

The oldest Japanese company has been founded in AD 578 and is still in business (Carpenter company).

The curator modestly tells that this is due to respect of traditions and permanent innovation and this is why he is happy with this interactive table as the central point of the exhibition, presenting those respectable brands.

We would add that respect of client, respect of employees and permanent search for quality are the other key factors.

Interactive Solutions for the Retail Industry

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LM3LABS launch a mini-web site detailing their interactive solutions for the retail industry.

This new mini-site lets retail professionals browse the various interactivity solutions brought by computer vision inside the shop, outside, for promotion, marketing, product presentation, communication,…

Most solutions are emerging yet market proven solutions, deployed for customers, based on robust technologies and calling for replication.

Visit it and bookmark it:

Interactive Solutions presented on industry-specific micro-sites

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LM3LABS inaugurate a series of vertical market micro-sites with Interactive Solutions for Museums.

This museum and culture centers-oriented micro-site lets culture business professionals get a view on LM3LABS’ solutions for their domain.

LM3LABS focus on movies and images as well as quick contact form so that visitors can immediately find the right solution and the right local partner for their needs.

Other vertical micro-sites will follow for different vertical markets.


Catchyoo innovates again with 3D interactive advertising

November 26th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Movies, Museum | Comments Off on Catchyoo innovates again with 3D interactive advertising

Anaglyph 3D, the one you use with red-blue glasses, might not be a new technology, but interactive 3D advertising is for sure a new super engaging experience.

Interactivity brought by Catchyoo makes this technology much younger and fun. Surprisingly engaging and realistic.

LM3LABS has worked on special calculation models which make the 3D effect on large interactive surface like floor, walls but also table a wow! experience.

Just imagine all the possibilities from 3D ads offering interactive depth, leveraging Catchyoo, unique layered structure. Interact with 3D interactive products, reveal 3D landscapes, play multi-dimension games…

The effect is not visible on the first movie below because of movie process, but by watching the second movie you will have a pretty good idea about the result when playing with Catchyoo.



The dawn of Next-Gen Museums

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Computer vision technologies, interactivity, are not limited to advertising for big brands and making of the dynamic signage a viable industry.

Computer vision also enters strongly into the realm of museums.

Transparency, touchless, natural interaction with exhibits, contextual digital environment are key factors to improve museums’ relationship with their public.

Interactive tables, interactive walls, immersive floors, plain objects which become multimedia tools,… all those are possible  with computer vision technologies from LM3LABS.

LM3LABS is a pioneer and leader in this domain with reference like Le Louvre.

Here is a presentation about those solutions.