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Catchyoo 1.7 is shipping

October 12th, 2012 | Posted in Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, LM3LABS | 2 Comments »


Catchyoo v1.7 is shipping from today.

Beyond its fresh new design, it comes with an improved engine leveraging multithread CPU capabilities, new FX, super easy local access to the machine from a PC, Linux or OSX machine (or tablet) and it embeds TeamViewer Professional for easy maintenance from all over the world.

It still runs on rock-solid Linux and it comes as a plug-and-play system. Probably the best interactive floor system in the world.

Catchyoo in World Expo 2010 Shanghai promotion

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On December 17th, Catchyoo started serving the promotion of the World Expo 2010 which will happen in Shanghai, China.

A first Catchyoo Graffiti was deployed in the 300-square-meter hall in Tokyo.

World Expo 2010 will gather most countries from May1st to October 31st, 2010. Shanghai expo’s theme is Better City, Better Life. The Chinese version of the event will be at the dimensions of the country, 10x larger than Japanese Aichi World Expo in 2005.

A new FX for Catchyoo: Spread !

December 15th, 2008 Tags:
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Catchyoo does not stop getting richer and richer, providing partners and customers with new opportunities of content creation.

Catchyoo comes today with a new FX: Spread.

Spread lets users be the source of particles irradiating around them.

Creation is made in minutes as Catchyoo is 100% free of Flash, a great technology for web, but very poor when multi-user interactions is necessary.

Here are 2 examples that you can also watch in HD here:


An other new FX for Catchyoo: Magnet FX

August 26th, 2008 Tags: , , ,
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Catchyoo’s library of FX offers the best choice for partners and customers and it is even richer today with the new Magnet FX which lets users create interactive campaigns in minutes. When users enter the interactive space millions of particles come to them. Particles can be modified in shapes, patterns, size, quantity, speed, colors, etc…

As for all Catchyoo FX, it is totally Flash free. Flash is a great technology for web but is not adapted to interactive OOH. It is complex to create, expensive, rigid. Catchyoo’s philosophy is all the opposite so that partners can concentrate on business, not on technology.

Here is a first example of Magnet FX:

Catchyoo on Panasonic’s all-Japan roadshow

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Catchyoo is presented by Panasonic on their national roadshow. Panasonic associates Catchyoo to their beautiful hi-resolution, hi-color video-projectors as part of their cross-media strategy.

It tastes different

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There are jobs which have more taste than others and it is because people we work with are great, shiny and fun.

That was definitely the case last Friday for Valrhona‘s party, “Les Cabosses”.

Some happy fews invited to taste delicious pasteries made from Valrhona materials and play with our interactive toys.


What interactivity for Cinemas?

April 25th, 2008 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Dynamic signage, Ubiq'window | No Comments »

Catchyoo turns Japanese TV crazy (…but do they really need us?)

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Ok, it is Friday and it has been a great week.

Just for the fun, here is a movie from Japanese TV featuring Catchyoo.

Yes, this is just usual Japanese TV… enjoy…

Interactive Solutions for the Retail Industry

February 15th, 2008 | Posted in Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Dynamic signage, Movies, Ubiq'window | No Comments »


LM3LABS launch a mini-web site detailing their interactive solutions for the retail industry.

This new mini-site lets retail professionals browse the various interactivity solutions brought by computer vision inside the shop, outside, for promotion, marketing, product presentation, communication,…

Most solutions are emerging yet market proven solutions, deployed for customers, based on robust technologies and calling for replication.

Visit it and bookmark it:

Interactive Solutions presented on industry-specific micro-sites

December 14th, 2007 | Posted in Business, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Movies, Museum, Ubiq'window | No Comments »

LM3LABS inaugurate a series of vertical market micro-sites with Interactive Solutions for Museums.

This museum and culture centers-oriented micro-site lets culture business professionals get a view on LM3LABS’ solutions for their domain.

LM3LABS focus on movies and images as well as quick contact form so that visitors can immediately find the right solution and the right local partner for their needs.

Other vertical micro-sites will follow for different vertical markets.