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Archive for the ‘Body Tracking’ Category

Interactive Pearl Portraits for Tasaki Pearls

May 23rd, 2014 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Case Study, Catchyoo Face Tracker, Events, Face Tracking, Movies | No Comments »



For the 60th Anniversary of the famous pearl brand Tasaki, LM3LABS has developed a unique interactive system which amazed 600 guests at the opening ceremony and will continue at Tasaki’s Gallery in Ginza for a month.

The i-Portrait system brings together multiple LM3LABS technologies into a single integrated system.

Catchyoo FaceTracker tracks people in the room and crops their face with golden proportions, dynamically.

Their face is projected on a large screen made of ping pong balls which recalls pearls.


By pointing their hand to the screen, guests distantly interact with 3DFeel to launch the countdown.

A picture is taken and processed by LM3LABS’ shaders to “beautify” the face with an elegant black and white treatment.


Mailbot and Facebot allows the user to get their picture on their smartphone, in high quality, within 1 minute, while posting it on Tasaki’s dedicated Facebook page.

In the Gallery, Tasaki’s staff use PrintBot to print pictures and offer to their guests.


The system is crowd proof. It accommodates tens of people in a small space giving priority to the person in front even with very close proximity to each other.

LM3LABS also developed a mobile app which transforms the guest’s picture into an interactive set of pearls for a very personal souvenir (not deployed).

i-Portrait, the name of the system, can be deployed for events or fixed installation within a few tens of minutes.

The system can be experimented at Tasaki Gallery in Ginza until June 30, 2014.


Nature conservation consciousness through interactivity

June 23rd, 2013 | Posted in Body Tracking, Catchyoo, Catchyoo’s Installations , Movies, Museum | No Comments »



LM3LABS completed an educative project for the Gifu City Science Museum for improving nature consciousness among kids (…and hopefully grownups).

+ The Issue

The Gifu Museum came to LM3LABS with an issue to solve: “We have a beautiful landscape in the Gifu Prefecture. We want to educate local children on nature protection. All our tries with traditional media like posters, books or movies were not really successful.”
Indeed, kids cannot “enter” into the content. Their attention rate is too low.
Curators also complained about the huge gap between the museum urban atmosphere and the real nature. It was not clearly mentioned by the curators but we quickly understood that Gifu fishes are no clown fishes, sharks and dolphins but pretty dull animals which are not amazingly attractive to normal people.

+ The Proposition

We propose to immerse and engage visitors into an experience that would be as close as possible to the “natural” experience. It had to be playful too.

We created a 5×5 meter interactive floor, based on Catchyoo and displaying 15 types of local fishes moving at their real pace, acting as they would do in real life. Some fishes swim in bank, others have hectic motions. Each fish type has been carefully reproduced. Instead of using words telling how the species “act” in real life, we just recreated them.

Kids can walk on the surface. Fishes try to avoid them as they would do in a river (well, we had to make them friendlier, we are in Japan…).
Kids can touch the fishes and their names appear on top of them. Kids can learn names while trying to catch the fishes.

+ The Result

The installation is a great success and it turned to be the main attraction of the museum.
We could not measure scientifically how kids memorise fishes names but with an average 15 mn on the interactive floor, they, for sure, learn more than with posters.

Subaru deploys 3DFeel at Moscow Motorshow

September 6th, 2012 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Advertising, Body Tracking, Events, Movies | No Comments »

Subaru Russia came to LM3LABS for a unique campaign during Moscow MotorShow.

LM3LABS proposed, developed and installed an integrated system aimed at involving Russian visitors with the Japanese brand.

Two 3DFeel systems track visitors body, add intentionally simple augmented reality content and take pictures when they strike the pause.

With a very intuitive hand gesture, visitors can automatically post their picture on Facebook and are invited to Like!. The result is visible online on Subura Russia Facebook page.

The campaign is current as we write and will last until September 21st. The FaceBook is here.

An iPad version is available on the AppStore.


When Body Tracking meets AR, Magic and Smiles

June 4th, 2012 | Posted in 3D, 3Dfeel, Advertising, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Business, Case Study, Events, Hand tracking, Movies, Retail, Showrooms | 1 Comment »

Here are a few images from a project completed for a famous French luxury brand in Japan.
The objective was to promote a gold bracelet in a totally new way, engage a thinking like “how is it on me?” and leave guests with an amazing souvenir that they want to share online.

But wait! How does it work? How could it find people wrist? Let’s break the magic.
In stealth mode, LM3LABS’ 3DFeel sensor tracks guest’s skeletton. Even distant guests were in the radar, precisely tracked and numbered, one by one. As the guest come closer to the camera, they discover themselves wearing the jewel at their wrist, on the screen. 3DFeel identifies the right arm from the left one, it calculates the distance to the hand so that the bracelet is correctly positioned, it understands the position of the elbow and shoulder (3D rotation also known as quaternion matrix) so that the bracelet matches the arm position. The final process is to “extrude” the arm flesh (or cloth) in the video stream to fit the 3D bracelet into it. All this frame by frame.

Surprise, smile, picture. 1, 2, 3, Flash!
A picture is taken and appears right on the side screen with a unique number.
Guests could get their picture by e-mail while we were feeding our database with their e-mail address, name and picture.

The operation has been a huge success with thousands of smiling pictures and a large buzz on fashion blogs in Japan.

The technology in action:

a few minutes of happy people…

The Samurai Avatar

July 22nd, 2011 Tags: , ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Events, Movies, Museum | No Comments »

In the continuation of the 3DFeel avatar series, LM3LABS had the opportunity to present the “Samurai avatar”, a realtime 3D masterpiece, at Futur-en-Seine in Paris.

LM3LABS was invited as part of the Cool Japan initiative. Our focus was to associate technologies to Japanese traditions.

In action at Futur-en-Seine:

Some details of the work:

Avatar of light: Hikari Avatar

April 29th, 2011 Tags:
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Movies | No Comments »

3DFeel is starting its collection of avatars with the Hikari Avatar which can be integrated into 3D scenes like games, edutainment, etc…

Flight Race Game on 3DFeel

April 18th, 2011 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Dynamic signage, Events, Movies | No Comments »

Panasonic started a European roadshow series to promote their 3D sensor in association with LM3LABS’ 3DFeel full body tracking middleware.

The second application delivered to Panasonic is a Flight Race game where users use hands, gestures and body to pilote their plane into scoring rings.

The game targets digital signage professionals as it dynamically embed in-game advertising.

It is 100% built for Panasonic sensor and can be customized to various sponsors.

3DFeel browser lets you browse in 3D environments

March 9th, 2011 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Dynamic signage, Hand tracking, Movies | No Comments »

LM3LABS unveils a 3D browser using 3DFeel body tracking in preparation to London 2012 Olympic Games.

The browser architecture devides the content browsing experience into a central rotation menu and related contents on a 4 peripheral spheres.

3DFeel identifies users (multiple), and tracks their hands (both) and associated gestures in space.

The browser also introduces the notion of “psychological space” (perceived space is not the real space) in order to compensate human mistakes.

The browser aims at serving the Digital Signage market as it allows browsing of:

- web pages

- images

- movies

- 3D objects

- RSS feeds

The 3D environment brings significant value as it matches a natural understanding of the world by human beings.

More information about 3DFeel on

First 3DFeel game presented to customers

January 28th, 2011 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking | No Comments »

It is a stepstone  in 3DFeel product history.

Read more on 3DFeel site.

Life-size hologram avatars unveiled

January 15th, 2011 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking | No Comments »

Taking the opportunity of the Tokyo Interaction Center event about Interactive Holograms, LM3LABS made a worldwide first unveiling life size holograms to the specialized audience gathered at the occasion.

3DFeel powered the solution, mapping guests’s body to avatars, then mixing the avatars to other guests.

This paves the way to multiple applications like 3D telepresence, mixed reality concerts and events, next generation entertainments.