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Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

June 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Augmented Reality, Image Tracking, Mobile, Xloudia | Comments Off on Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

Last year we launched the first visual currency converter on smartphone. It can recognise a bank note from thousands in circulation around the world and display its current value in your home currency.

This year we launch ConverterXpress, a focused version limited to 12 important currencies for travellers: Euro, US, Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australian dollars, Rubble, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Brasilian Real and British Pound. We replaced the Bitcoin by the Malaysian Ringgit.

ConverterXpress is also becoming even faster.

Xloudia Converter is an interaction design style exercise above all but it will be your good companion this summer and it is now totally free.

You can download it from Google Play, Apple’s iTunes and Amazon.

LM3LABS sponsors 5th Photo Hack Day Japan

February 21st, 2014 Tags:
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LM3LABS is sponsor of the 5th Photo Hack Day which happens on February 22/23 in Tokyo.

The event is sponsored by Aviary, Mixi, Shutterstock,… and LM3LABS’ Xloudia product.

Developers and designers will use Xloudia API to develop new innovative applications on mobile.

If you are in Tokyo, join us. For the best app Xloudia offers the following prizes:

  • 1x Lenovo Yoga tablet
  • 1x year of Xloudia subscription free
  • Interactive T-Shirts to be used with Xloudia

Let’s code together !

Xloudia Converter App

June 19th, 2013 Tags: , ,
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We have launched an App based on Xloudia in order to illustrate one (among hundreds) possible application of the Xloudia technology in mobile apps.

Xloudia Converter recognises 2000 banknotes and gives its value in your home currency in about 200 milliseconds.

We selected 11 home currencies + the new Bitcoin digital currency.

You can then share on your favorite social network of send the image by mail.

As of today Xloudia Converter is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Xloudia awarded best 2013 innovation

February 4th, 2013 | Posted in Augmented Reality, Events, in the news, LM3LABS | Comments Off on Xloudia awarded best 2013 innovation


LM3LABS has received the Innovation Award 2013 from the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan for its product Xloudia.
Nicolas Loeillot, COO of LM3LABS (Japan) received the award on behalf of the great team behind Xloudia.


When Body Tracking meets AR, Magic and Smiles

June 4th, 2012 | Posted in 3D, 3Dfeel, Advertising, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Business, Case Study, Events, Hand tracking, Movies, Retail, Showrooms | 1 Comment »

Here are a few images from a project completed for a famous French luxury brand in Japan.
The objective was to promote a gold bracelet in a totally new way, engage a thinking like “how is it on me?” and leave guests with an amazing souvenir that they want to share online.

But wait! How does it work? How could it find people wrist? Let’s break the magic.
In stealth mode, LM3LABS’ 3DFeel sensor tracks guest’s skeletton. Even distant guests were in the radar, precisely tracked and numbered, one by one. As the guest come closer to the camera, they discover themselves wearing the jewel at their wrist, on the screen. 3DFeel identifies the right arm from the left one, it calculates the distance to the hand so that the bracelet is correctly positioned, it understands the position of the elbow and shoulder (3D rotation also known as quaternion matrix) so that the bracelet matches the arm position. The final process is to “extrude” the arm flesh (or cloth) in the video stream to fit the 3D bracelet into it. All this frame by frame.

Surprise, smile, picture. 1, 2, 3, Flash!
A picture is taken and appears right on the side screen with a unique number.
Guests could get their picture by e-mail while we were feeding our database with their e-mail address, name and picture.

The operation has been a huge success with thousands of smiling pictures and a large buzz on fashion blogs in Japan.

The technology in action:

a few minutes of happy people…

Bonpoint Japan equip with AR

January 30th, 2012 | Posted in Art, Augmented Reality, Image Tracking, Retail | Comments Off on Bonpoint Japan equip with AR

12 iMac 27″ installed with an AR application has been deployed to 12 shops of French kid apparel brand BonPoint throughout Japan.

Kids can discover contemporary artist Jean-Michel Othoniel’s work in those shops.

A deployment in collaboration with La Boite.



AR for Contemporary Art

January 16th, 2012 Tags: ,
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LM3LABS initiated a collaboration with Jean-Michel Othoniel, one of France’s most prominent contemporary artist.

The first collaboration started with Augmented Reality at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.
An “AR room” lets people, mostly kids, discover 12 major works from the artist which would be difficult to bring in the location.
Kids can discover, handle, turn and examine each work in details.
This room is complemented by a side workshop for kids where they can draw and color models they have discovered with AR.


The exhibition which is curated by Tokyo-based La Boite and sponsored by French apparel brand Bonpoint will last until March 11th, 2012 and will be followed by the same exhibition in Macao and New York. Bonpoint’s shops will be equipped with the Mac version of the AR application (the museum version runs on Linux).

The 3-month exhibition was inaugurated on January 6th by Imperial Princess Takamado and France’s ambassador, Mr Christian Masset.


If you are in Tokyo, you can get more information about the exhibition on Tokyo Art Beat web site.

If you can read Japanese, please check this blog selection:

Real Size Avatars+Real time 3D tracking= 3DFeel on stage

January 13th, 2011 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Movies | 1 Comment »

3DFeel jumps on stage.

What would be karaoke with guest dancing on stage, as avatars ?

3DFeel was first to demo real-time body tracking associated to real-size holograms, on stage.

People body in the assistance are accurately tracked to animate their own holographic avatar. An other worldwide first…

The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

January 5th, 2011 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, AirStrike, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Catchyoo, Face Tracking, Finger Tracking, Image Tracking, Moovaction, Museum, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

We open a new site to present interactive solutions for Museums.

This site focuses on Computer Vision technologies: Gesture Tracking, Face Recognition, Passive and Active Interactivity, Augmented Reality,…

Touchless, computer vision-based technologies are well fit to museums as they are mass-proof, invisible and require no learning.

A reference site for curators of the 21st century !

Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

November 12th, 2010 | Posted in AirStrike, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Face Tracking, Finger Tracking, Image Tracking, LM3LABS, Moovaction, Slide Presentations, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on Understanding LM3LABS’ interactivity portfolio

Over the last 7 years, LM3LABS has built a complete set of technologies and products all based on computer vision. They are software and electronics products as it is difficult to create high-quality CV products on software only.

We recently mapped those technologies for a better understanding of what product does what.

If all of them belong to the “gesture control” world, the best segmentation is made from 4 categories:

  • Finger tracking: precise finger tracking, it can be single touch or multi-touch (this latest not always being a plus). Finger tracking also encompasses hand tracking which comes, for LM3LABS products, as a gestures.
  • Body tracking: using one’s body as a pointing device. Body tracking can be associated to “passive” interactivity (users are engaged without their decision to be) or “active” interactivity like 3DFeel where “players” use their body to interact with content.
  • Face tracking: using user face as a pointing device. It can be mono user or multiple users. Face tracking is a “passive” interactivity tool for engaging user in an interactive relationship with digital content.
  • Image Tracking: Augmented Reality (AR) lets users use images (flyers, real products, t-shirts, faces,…) to interact with digital content. AR can be markerless or marker-based. Markerless technology has advantages but marker-based AR is easier for users to understand. (Please note here that Markerless AR is made in close collaboration with AR leader Total Immersion).

Most LM3LABS’ products are leader on their segment if not unique.