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Archive for the ‘Advertising’ Category

Subaru deploys 3DFeel at Moscow Motorshow

September 6th, 2012 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Advertising, Body Tracking, Events, Movies | Comments Off on Subaru deploys 3DFeel at Moscow Motorshow

Subaru Russia came to LM3LABS for a unique campaign during Moscow MotorShow.

LM3LABS proposed, developed and installed an integrated system aimed at involving Russian visitors with the Japanese brand.

Two 3DFeel systems track visitors body, add intentionally simple augmented reality content and take pictures when they strike the pause.

With a very intuitive hand gesture, visitors can automatically post their picture on Facebook and are invited to Like!. The result is visible online on Subura Russia Facebook page.

The campaign is current as we write and will last until September 21st. The FaceBook is here.

An iPad version is available on the AppStore.


When Body Tracking meets AR, Magic and Smiles

June 4th, 2012 | Posted in 3D, 3Dfeel, Advertising, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Business, Case Study, Events, Hand tracking, Movies, Retail, Showrooms | 1 Comment »

Here are a few images from a project completed for a famous French luxury brand in Japan.
The objective was to promote a gold bracelet in a totally new way, engage a thinking like “how is it on me?” and leave guests with an amazing souvenir that they want to share online.

But wait! How does it work? How could it find people wrist? Let’s break the magic.
In stealth mode, LM3LABS’ 3DFeel sensor tracks guest’s skeletton. Even distant guests were in the radar, precisely tracked and numbered, one by one. As the guest come closer to the camera, they discover themselves wearing the jewel at their wrist, on the screen. 3DFeel identifies the right arm from the left one, it calculates the distance to the hand so that the bracelet is correctly positioned, it understands the position of the elbow and shoulder (3D rotation also known as quaternion matrix) so that the bracelet matches the arm position. The final process is to “extrude” the arm flesh (or cloth) in the video stream to fit the 3D bracelet into it. All this frame by frame.

Surprise, smile, picture. 1, 2, 3, Flash!
A picture is taken and appears right on the side screen with a unique number.
Guests could get their picture by e-mail while we were feeding our database with their e-mail address, name and picture.

The operation has been a huge success with thousands of smiling pictures and a large buzz on fashion blogs in Japan.

The technology in action:

a few minutes of happy people…

Interactive Books for Perrier-Jouet Champagne

December 5th, 2011 Tags: , , , ,
| Posted in Advertising, Events, Finger Tracking, Movies | Comments Off on Interactive Books for Perrier-Jouet Champagne



For its bicentenary celebration, Perrier-Jouet, the famous French champagne brand, tapped LM3LABS for two interactive and touchless books similar to what was done for Dior in Singapore.

The books used AirStrike to track hands and gestures in mid-air and let users turn pages or click on elements on pages.

The books presented Perrier-Jouet history since 1811, the Emile Galle period and its 2011 legacy with so talented artist Daniel Ashram.











AirStrike for Dior

October 21st, 2010 Tags:
| Posted in Advertising, AirStrike, Dynamic signage, Events, Movies | Comments Off on AirStrike for Dior

Singapore-based Grain&Pixel has made a beautiful integration of AirStrike for Dior.

A larger than natural book is projected from top. AirStrike is installed on top and tracks gestures of users who can turn virtual pages of the book.

Marlboro deploy AirStrike for interactive campaign

February 16th, 2010 Tags: , ,
| Posted in Advertising, AirStrike, Movies | Comments Off on Marlboro deploy AirStrike for interactive campaign

Marlboro deployed AirStrike in Eastern Europe for better attraction of their interactive campaign.

Interactive booth were deployed in shopping centers.

An other campaign with happy customer Philip Morris.

The campaign was managed by JustPromo.

Philip Morris’ Augmented Reality Campaign

September 15th, 2009 Tags: , ,
| Posted in Advertising, Augmented Reality, Dynamic signage | 2 Comments »


Philip Morris Japan currently run a promotion campaign using Augmented Reality.

12 couples of ladies equipped with tablet PCs wander in streets and meet with smokers to present a new Philip Morris product using Augmented Reality.

The augmented reality content is triggered by “markerless” images (there is no big black and white markers but normal pictures) and is scripted to leverage users’ actions: left tilt triggers a specific message while right tilt will trigger an other content. The 3D content uses extended graphic rendering like 3D motion, reflection, glow, etc…

Because of Japanese laws and Philip Morris’ policy only 20+ year old viewers can watch this movie. Please enquire to LM3LABS to get your password (info at

Create the future you want. In Singapore.

June 16th, 2009 Tags: , ,
| Posted in Advertising, Dynamic signage, Events, Movies, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on Create the future you want. In Singapore.

Insurance giant Aviva made noise in Singapore with their “Create the future you want.” campaign based on ubiq’window 200.

The monumental Out-of-Home campaign lets visitors design their ideal life which is displayed in real time on the front of Vivo City building.

Cameras inside the touchless kiosks also record users real-time thru the interactive surface.

Please enjoy it in full screen as it is an HD movie.

AirStrike Interactive Mirror in Hong Kong

May 26th, 2009 Tags: , ,
| Posted in Advertising, AirStrike, Dynamic signage, Events, Movies, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on AirStrike Interactive Mirror in Hong Kong

Hong Kong jewelery shop, WCJ, has deployed an innovative interactive mirror on which people can browse contents or check how they look with WCJ products.

Free-air finger tracking AirStrike is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and customers interact by pointing at the mirror, in the air, at distance.

AirStrike tracks their hand motions. A great example of interactive architecture deployed by local partner Tech Vision.


Catchyoo Face Tracker unveiled

May 20th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Face Tracker, Catchyoo’s Installations , Dynamic signage, Face Tracking | Comments Off on Catchyoo Face Tracker unveiled


LM3 LABS unveil patented Catchyoo Face Tracker, an innovative digital signage solution for shop window interactivity.

Catchyoo Face Tracker tracks faces of passing people for creating eye-catching interactivity with digital content. Faces become pointers which trigger events and follow people.

Catchyoo FT’s patented technology  is robust to urban environments like busy sidewalks, changing light conditions, night and day,…

Catchyoo Face Tracking is multi-user and leverage information like distance from screen, speed, direction, changing directions, number of watching people, groups, etc…

Catchyoo Face Tracker can be associated to most display technologies: projection of course but also LED, Plasma/LCD, etc…


JCDecaux deploys ubiq’window-based abribus

April 18th, 2009 Tags:
| Posted in Advertising, Dynamic signage, Movies, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | 1 Comment »

logojcdJCDecaux, one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies, started deploying interactive abribus (bus stop shelters in Sweden) based on ubiq’window.

In the first stage, the Abribus let people find lines and connection by entering destinations or lines. In next steps advertising will be proposed to passengers: ad-games, interactive ads, edutainment, etc…
The interactive digital signage content can be remotely updated by a 3G connection.
Ubiq’window’s computer vision technology is the best fit for this usage as it resist Swedish street conditions and it is crowd-proof.
Installations are made by ubiq’window distributor in Sweden, Touchme.