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LM3LABS Singapore opens for Business

LM3LABS’ team is excited to unveil LM3LABS Private Limited in Singapore.

Business-friendly and innovation-hungry Singapore, like surrounding countries, have been a key market to LM3LABS since 2006. The City-State is a central cross-road in Asia and Middle-East.

LM3LABS Singapore has three core missions:

1- LM3LABS Pte Ltd will support the growing demand in interactive products in Singapore but also in fast growing countries namely India, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and China.
2- This expansion will also contribute to LM3LABS visionary R&D programme for 2012 in liaise with the French office.
3- LM3LABS Pte Ltd’s third mission is to better support local partners with expertise in interaction design, technology integration and product installation.

A fully-furnished showroom will open early 2012.

Belinda Ng has been appointed as Business Development Manager and will manage the growth of the regional market.
She brings in unique experience of LM3LABS’ products and experienced business acumen.
Please get in touch with her !

Shiok Lah !

Photo credit: so talented Jon Siegel


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