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First 3DFeel game presented to customers

January 28th, 2011 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking | Comments Off on First 3DFeel game presented to customers

It is a stepstone  in 3DFeel product history.

Read more on 3DFeel site.

Life-size hologram avatars unveiled

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Taking the opportunity of the Tokyo Interaction Center event about Interactive Holograms, LM3LABS made a worldwide first unveiling life size holograms to the specialized audience gathered at the occasion.

3DFeel powered the solution, mapping guests’s body to avatars, then mixing the avatars to other guests.

This paves the way to multiple applications like 3D telepresence, mixed reality concerts and events, next generation entertainments.

Real Size Avatars+Real time 3D tracking= 3DFeel on stage

January 13th, 2011 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Movies | 1 Comment »

3DFeel jumps on stage.

What would be karaoke with guest dancing on stage, as avatars ?

3DFeel was first to demo real-time body tracking associated to real-size holograms, on stage.

People body in the assistance are accurately tracked to animate their own holographic avatar. An other worldwide first…

The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

January 5th, 2011 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, AirStrike, Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Catchyoo, Face Tracking, Finger Tracking, Image Tracking, Moovaction, Museum, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on The Interactive Museum, reference site for curators

We open a new site to present interactive solutions for Museums.

This site focuses on Computer Vision technologies: Gesture Tracking, Face Recognition, Passive and Active Interactivity, Augmented Reality,…

Touchless, computer vision-based technologies are well fit to museums as they are mass-proof, invisible and require no learning.

A reference site for curators of the 21st century !

Happy 2011 !

January 4th, 2011 | Posted in Life!, LM3LABS | Comments Off on Happy 2011 !

Happy New Year to our clients and partners.

2011 sounds like the Future and we prepare amazingly futuristic technology.

In the meantime we wish you the best for you and family !