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interactive holographic assistant

February 27th, 2009 Tags:
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A cool integration of AirStrike with an holographic assistant made by US partner IMG.

The product is to be deployed on hundreds of location in the US over the next months.

IMG and LM3LABS will jointly present at Interactive Display Show in SanFrancisco, Califormia, in late April. We will be pleased to meet US clients and partners at this occasion.

Interactive Augmented Kiosk

February 20th, 2009 Tags: ,
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When touchless interactivity of ubiq’window meets augmented reality it makes next gen kiosk.

ubiq’window brings interactivity to the full width of the kiosk: take a brochure and it will trigger the right augmented reality application. Printed materials, stickers and shapes are invisible interactive zones triggering other contents. The plasma screen is fully interactive as covered by ubiq’window optical sensors.

Enjoy HD with this movie in full-screen.

LM3LABS’ interactivity featured in Shanghai EXPO2010 Magazine

February 11th, 2009 Tags: , ,
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LM3LABS interactive solutions are presented in February issue of Shanghai Expo 2010, the universal exposition which will happen next year in the city of pearls.

The magazine presents Catchyoo, Ubiq’window, Airstrike and augmented reality from partner Total Immersion.

LM3LABS is official partner of the Shanghai Expo 2010 for interactivity.

The article can be read HERE.

Virtual DJ rocks Eastern Europe

February 6th, 2009 Tags: , ,
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From LM3LABS’ partner Brief-Ad, images from the Virtual DJ who tours Eastern Europe using ubiq’window.