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Riding a beautiful wave!

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For many years LM3LABS grow a vision of interactive surfaces: show windows, floors, tables, or objects. This interactivity mixes digital worlds with real life, what some call augmented reality. It is sometimes very difficult to explain our (crystal clear) vision to customers, partners, investors, … even family.

It seems that the most famous IT analyst company, Gartner, decided to help us a bit with their 2008 famous Hype Cycle.

Gartner’s hype cycle analyzes emerging technologies and positions them on 2 axis: 1- How do they attract attention (Visibility or Hype), 2- At what maturity are they ?

In 2008, for the first time, our markets appear on Gartner’s Hype Cycle in the “Surface Computers” and “Augmented Reality”. Surface Computers are nothing else than interactive tables, floors, walls, glass… Our daily bread.

Those 2 technology segments are positioned at the best place: not too emerging, not yet in the Trough of Disillusionment, right before the Hype Peak which is a serious sales driver.

In 2008, LM3LABS is in a leading position on “Surface Computing” and cannot be more ready to ride this beautiful wave announced by Gartner. Still some beautiful years before our market become mainstream (… and low margin!).

An other new FX for Catchyoo: Magnet FX

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Catchyoo’s library of FX offers the best choice for partners and customers and it is even richer today with the new Magnet FX which lets users create interactive campaigns in minutes. When users enter the interactive space millions of particles come to them. Particles can be modified in shapes, patterns, size, quantity, speed, colors, etc…

As for all Catchyoo FX, it is totally Flash free. Flash is a great technology for web but is not adapted to interactive OOH. It is complex to create, expensive, rigid. Catchyoo’s philosophy is all the opposite so that partners can concentrate on business, not on technology.

Here is a first example of Magnet FX:

에 오신 것을 환영합니다 팀

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We have the pleasure to welcome Crystal Lee (Yi Lee Sujnng) as LM3’s new Business Development Manager for Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Based in Tokyo, Crystal will contribute to LM3’s growth on those markets thanks to localized support in Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Her first mission at LM3 was to supervise a shooting for TVAsahi, a major TV channel in Japan. The program about “The Future of Advertising” will be broadcast on TVAsahi on August 31st at 8pm JST and will show Catchyoo and Ubiq’window in action as next generation tools for advertisers. The shooting happened at Catchyoo Media Channel spots in Tokyo.

Crystal, a Korean citizen, holds an MBA from Toyama National University, Japan, and brings her past experience in electronic products business development acquired in Taiwan.

Crystal, you have the mike:

“안녕하세요, 한국, 중국, 일본 , 대만 시장을 담당하게 되었습니다. Catchyoo,Ubiq’window 와 같은  유닉하고 재미있는 제품을  한국에 소개하게 되어 기쁩니다.

你好,我是負責韓國,日本,中國,台灣市場的crystal lee.很高興有機會與您分享與Catchyoo,Ubiq’window一樣獨創、有趣的產品”

Catchyoo celebrates Beijing Olympic Games

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in collaboration with LM3LABS’ Beijing distributor.