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Interactive Xmas tree

November 29th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Events, Movies | Comments Off on Interactive Xmas tree

Catchyoo is not only for flat surfaces like floor, walls tables but also for 3D object.

Here is an example of interactive Xmas tree and interactive mountain.

Any object can become interactive this way thanks to Catchyoo content creation patterns.


Switch FX example

November 28th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on Switch FX example

A Catchyoo switch FX example using 3D animation.


Catchyoo innovates again with 3D interactive advertising

November 26th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Movies, Museum | Comments Off on Catchyoo innovates again with 3D interactive advertising

Anaglyph 3D, the one you use with red-blue glasses, might not be a new technology, but interactive 3D advertising is for sure a new super engaging experience.

Interactivity brought by Catchyoo makes this technology much younger and fun. Surprisingly engaging and realistic.

LM3LABS has worked on special calculation models which make the 3D effect on large interactive surface like floor, walls but also table a wow! experience.

Just imagine all the possibilities from 3D ads offering interactive depth, leveraging Catchyoo, unique layered structure. Interact with 3D interactive products, reveal 3D landscapes, play multi-dimension games…

The effect is not visible on the first movie below because of movie process, but by watching the second movie you will have a pretty good idea about the result when playing with Catchyoo.



An other new FX for Catchyoo

November 20th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Movies | Comments Off on An other new FX for Catchyoo

An other new FX is added to Catchyoo’s library this week: SWEEP.

Sweep is a special FX which create a wet aspect on pictures and movies sending drops according to people motions. It is particularly designed as a Catchyoo Graffiti FX for interactive walls in parties and clubs.

Catchyoo FX library, and Sweep is from the same vein, lets Catchyoo owners create content in minutes, development free, Flash free and… hassle free.



Catchyoo SWITCH FX example for Nokia

November 19th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on Catchyoo SWITCH FX example for Nokia

Here is an example of Catchyoo new FX in action for the Nokia 6300 mobile phone.


Interactive Ad for Nokia

A new FX in Catchyoo FX Library

November 15th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo | Comments Off on A new FX in Catchyoo FX Library

Catchyoo Magic Book

Catchyoo FX library is enhanced with a new FX: SWITCH

This FX lets Catchyoo partners create interactive scenarii for their customers thanks to the creation of interactive buttons.

The example below shows SWITCH in action:

At the beginning, a mouse proposes 2 choices to the user. It opens the book which displays a movie trailer, there is no button anymore, then the pages turns and a dragon appears. The dragon is associated to a button. When the users crush the dragon, they actually press the button to go further in the scenario.
The dragon springs then disapears. Then the page is under attack by an army of bugs. Shrek ask to hit The bugs. The button is on the bugs. Then the book is saved, Princess Fiona greats the user and the scenario to back to the beginning.

Simpler or more complex can be created with SWITCH.

Catchyoo comes with an FX library which can be easily isedby Catchyoo partners and customers to create their own interactive campaigns in minutes and at virtually zero cost.

This unique feature is possible because Catchyoo is NOT based on Adobe Flash, a too rigid and expensive technology.

This might sounds like a little technology difference, it is in fact a fondamental business advantage for Catchyoo partners as they save time and money in content creation which helps them to find profitability and higher revenues much faster than with any other technologies.

Catchyoo Magic Book

HUGO BOSS presents their first interactive store window world wide in Tokyo

November 14th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Dynamic signage, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on HUGO BOSS presents their first interactive store window world wide in Tokyo

Coinciding with the Japanese Grand Prix, early last month, HUGO BOSS – which has partnered Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for more than 25 years – presented a new and innovative visual marketing concept featuring a state- of -the -art technology, ubiq’window. From September 21 through October 3, all of the
windows at the Aoyama flagship store in Japan were devoted exclusively to the Formula One theme in general and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and its drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso specifically.

The campaign highlight was a ubiq’window screen measuring 2 x 1.5m which enabled customers to access an array of information on Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, the latest Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Collection from BOSS Green, plus technical data on the race cars themselves. This was the first time that this new technology had been implemented at a HUGO BOSS store worldwide. To complement the F1 theme, a life -size model of Lewis Hamilton’s current car was on display in the middle of the store, while the third floor showcased blow- up portraits of the drivers Hamilton and Alonso.

The interactive store window concept transcends traditional notions of shopping by inviting passers-by, race fans and customers to enjoy a uniquely atmospheric and emotionally- charged experience inside the store. Given the exceptionally positive feedback, HUGO BOSS is planning to integrate this technology into other stores and shops around the world.



Media Channel in Great North

November 13th, 2007 | Posted in Advertising, Catchyoo, Catchyoo’s Installations , Dynamic signage | Comments Off on Media Channel in Great North

A picture of Catchyoo Media Channel installed in Parco Sapporo on the Island of Hokkaido in Japan.

Parco deploys Catchyoo to create Catchyoo Media Channel interactive spaces fro advertising.
Usually installed at the restaurant level they grab attention of people while queuing for a table.

Catchyoo systems deployed throughout Japan are managed from Tokyo for content broadcast, scheduling, etc…

This space will be soon available for rent (for Xmas). It is a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach mass consumer in the shopping environment.


Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007, Singapore

November 12th, 2007 | Posted in Dynamic signage, Events, People | Comments Off on Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007, Singapore

LM3LABS was present at the 2007 release of Asia Outdoor Advertising exhibition in Singapore.

The event was superbly executed by Fuse. Perfect organization, great team.

Catchyoo and ubiq’window were presented on SMRT Media’s booth. SMRT Media manages the public network transportation media space in Singapore.
Their great team could learn deeper and pitch customers about interactive advertising solutions.


They were assisted by Mosaic Solutions’ team, LM3LABS’ representative in Singapore and the region.

Nicolas Loeillot, MD of LM3LABS, was on stage at this occasion to talk about the interactive future of Out-of-Home advertising.

The presented slides are share below.
Because of technology limitations, it was not possible to embed the presented movies in the slides. They have been replaced by still images.

The dawn of Next-Gen Museums

November 7th, 2007 Tags: , , ,
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Computer vision technologies, interactivity, are not limited to advertising for big brands and making of the dynamic signage a viable industry.

Computer vision also enters strongly into the realm of museums.

Transparency, touchless, natural interaction with exhibits, contextual digital environment are key factors to improve museums’ relationship with their public.

Interactive tables, interactive walls, immersive floors, plain objects which become multimedia tools,… all those are possible  with computer vision technologies from LM3LABS.

LM3LABS is a pioneer and leader in this domain with reference like Le Louvre.

Here is a presentation about those solutions.